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Need Opinions (thickness planer)

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  • Need Opinions (thickness planer)

    I just purchased the 13" Ridgid thickness planer. It was between this model and the dewalt. I couldn't pass up the price and lifetime warranty on the ridgid. However, anyone use this piece of equipment? is it a good planer? I am going to be doing some large boards, but mainly use it for cabinet making so smaller boards (oak, hickory, pine etc...) will be run thru it.

    Any opinions? did i make the right choice? or how bout the Delta 13"??

    the dewalt seemed way over priced, and i haven't been all that pleased with dewalt products. I paid alot of money for the ones i have and each tool doesn't seem to come with anything extra.. everything always costs extra from dewalt and even items that i think should be included. ie (extendable ramps for their planer) for example.

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    You did good and can relax now. Those three are all good planers. The DW is alot of $, but has some nice features including 2 speeds and the chip's also super loud. The Delta has 2 speeds also and is a good machine. Sometimes it goes on sale below $300. The Ridgid is a good machine...maybe a bit behind these two in technology, but a solid performer and is as well proven as the others.


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      I bougth a 12" Jet planner when I built my house in 1999 and put it through hell and back (made all my base,door and window trim, etc.from old heart pine that I resawed so it all had to be planned) and my brother-in-law did the same and used my planner.Just set up my new shop and started using it again....its still a work horse.It is hard to believe how well these small planners work and I think they are all about the same as far as cleaning your stock.Some have extra features but the bottom line is, they do the job. You should be happy with the ridgid.I doubt you will ever wear it out.