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BT3100 or TS3650?

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  • BT3100 or TS3650?

    I have a BT3100 now, and it is OK, price effective, but needs alignment all the time. I can sell it parted out and probably get what I paid for it. Should I keep it, or is the TS3650 a much better saw. It is more expensive. Need objective opinions please. Thanks for any help. I'm asking because I am expecting a discount for Fathers Day at HD (?).... Where does one find the accessories for that Rigid saw? Thanks again...

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    No contest, the 3650 is much better.
    There is an HD near me that has 2 of the 3612 ridgids in stock for about $200 each. You might want to look around to see if you can find one near you. At that price nothing compares.


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      Not 15 minutes ago I powered up my TS3650 saw for the first time after putting it together (with plenty of interruptions!) over the course of the last two weeks. I did a lot of homework and decided on the TS3650. When are you planning on buying the saw? I am working on an extensive review (very objective) for Eopinions and also for the Ridgid forum. It will be long but hopefully well-written since I was hoping for just that kind of review when I was doing all my research. I hope to have it ready anywhere from a day or two to a week, so maybe if you will be waiting that long anyway perhaps it will be of some use to you. To give you a hint, it will certainly be a positive review but I will also mention a few things I thought could have been a little better. These latter points are pretty much assembly-related however and are negligible... I don't anticipate ever regretting my decision to go with the TS3650. Would it be a saw Norm Abrams would choose for his New Yankee Workshop? With his unlimited budget, certainly not, but I have zero doubts that he could achieve beautiful results were he ever to use a 3650...the saw has the quality where it counts, enabling any methodical woodworker to end up with results to be proud of. This is why I chose it over all other affordable products I was looking at.

      Good luck with your decision


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        Thanks for the help. I ended up getting the TS3650. Hd gave me a full refund for the BT3100, and another 10% discount, so heck, why not? Now to put it together. Thanks again...

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          I think you'll enjoy the larger surface and quiet power of the 3650 over the BT. They're really in two different classications.


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            It is quieter for sure. Miss the sliding miter.