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  • 3650 review from FWW

    This was on Woodnet

    The review is by John White, FWW shop manager, and includes some interesting statements.

    - Ridgid's new contractor's saw is a true furniture maker's tool on a par, in all but horsepower, with full-size cabinet saws.
    - ... like any other contractor's saw, but many of the important details have been redesigned.
    -The trunnion assembly is a one-piece iron casting that is much stiffer than the small castings and connecting rods of the older designs.
    -The main casting wraps around the blade, allowing fairly effective sawdust collection through a built-in 2-1/2 in. diameter port.
    -has a simple cam and lever built into the rear trunnion. The cam makes it possible to align the blade parallel to the miter-gauge slot in just a few minutes.
    - blade-tilt and height controls worked smoothly , and one nice feature--not seen even on much pricier saws--is a blade-angle lock on the front trunnion.
    -The aluminum rip fence locks down at both ends, and it was sturdy, accurate, and slid smoothly on the rails.
    -The base has a built-in retractable caster system that worked better than any I've ever seen.
    -Overall, the fit and finish of this saw were very good. The table flatness, runout, and initial alignment all tested out to be better than average.
    -had a nice, heavy feel to it because the steel used in the stand and base is thicker than that on many other contractor's saws.
    -On the downside, the splitter and guard assemblies were awkward to set up and difficult to align with the blade.
    -The plastic zero-clearance throat plates are flimsy.
    -At $547 it is an impressive machine for the money.

    No, I didn't omit any negatives. Yes, I did omit some additional positives.