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    I just purchased the 4 in one cordless pack: 1/2" hammer drill, sawzall, circ saw & flashlight. I wanted to compare them with my Milwaukee tools. The hammer drill is ok. Comparable with the Milwaukee 1/2" 18V hammer although I wonder about the life of the plastic in the chuck? The sawzall I found to run smooth but the location of the deadman swith VERY ackward. I have a small hands & hold pipe in one & trying to cut with the saw in the other while trying to hold the deadman swith just doesn't work well. The unit is like DeWalts & doesn't pivot in the middle like Milwaukee. The battery does not go in for either end either. Not much to like abut the sawzall Im afraid. Flash light is comparable though. I have not used the circ saw as of yet so I have no comment on it. [img]smile.gif[/img]