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    You guys sound like an ole' bloodhound on a blood scent trail. Why not enjoy our tools, use the heck out of them and make lots of sawdust? If something happens then we can request,demand,and abuse Ridgid as needed. I did not trust the service/warranty last May and instead of getting my 3612 I got a Jet cab. saw (good deal,but 3X's the money). I am now looking for a 3612 because of space factor (my son wants the Jet). Let's give Ridgid a breather. Rather Windy-at least 10 cents worth. Rick


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      Rick I don't think we are blowing to much wind here. It's the point of the whole matter. Think about it, it's like taking your car to the bodyshop and even thow you pay high rates for insurance the insurance companies use aftermarket parts on your car to save cost. Who loses in the long run. YOU DO. So my point is if you research a product, buy it based on that research and find out the specs are not true that upsets me.


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        As I remember it, Chevy presented the engines in the high-priced cars as "upgraded", when in fact they were the engines used in lower priced cars, including Chevette.

        It doesn't look like the 1290 info was intended to be misleading... it is just outdated. Emphasis has obvously shifted to the site. They ought to correct it, though, or just take it down.


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          So is the motor housing Ridgid Orange or grey like the Emerson built ones? One color = gripe, and another color = make sawdust and live with it. Either way they still have the same warranty if bought before the last of December. And as for GM, They had to take the vehicle back, make a cash settlement, or change engines - what do you want to do? B'man said it all, no use in hashing and rehashing it. Rick


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            Rick, I think I'm agreeing with you. I don't consider the Chevy suit analogous to the Ridgid situation, but I didn't spell it out.

            FWIW, Chevy was forced to pay punitive damages to a bunch of people (who were really not inconvenienced at all... they got exactly the engine they were shown and paid for). Their cars ran fine (for Chevies... ). They had the engines that were under the hoods when the customers saw and bought them. The punishment was because Chevy deceptively "positioned" the engines as upgrades, and to prevent them from engaging in such practices in the future. IIRC.

            I don't think Ridgid did anything of the kind. The saw either cuts or it doesn't. If it breaks, it has a warranty. And virtually every manufacturer has the "specifications subject to change without notice" disclaimer somewhere, because you can't possibly update everything at once, and things do change.

            In this case I think Ridgid should just make time to either sanitize, or better yet take down, the old site. They can redirect here and save themselves unnecessary grief stemming from dated information. Some other guy is having a cow because the DC is still up there. Save yourselves some grief and pull the plug, is all I'm sayin'.

            I like the new stuff.


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              The new motors on the Ridgid cordless tool line are generic Johnson motors. In fact.. from what I understand, there is no such thing as a Ridgid made tool or motor. Metabo makes their corded tool line for them... Ridgid cordless IS the old Ryobi pro-line. TTI, who make Ridgid and Ryobi and the majority of Craftsman tools is really not a professional tool manufacturer at all. They are simply a Home Depot brand name, produced by a company that is 49% owned by Home Depot. Remember guys.. Ryobi was bankrupt and in the toilet before Home Depot came to their rescue. Why should we all believe that they're suddenly - in 1 or 2 year's time - able to make a top of the line tool?


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                Who is Johnson???



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                  We are able to make a top of the line tool because we are observant. Because we listened, and as with the RIDGID brand all along have done right by the customer. We aren't branding a Ryobi pro line. Home Depot is not Ryobi's savior. Home Depot is one part of TTi's success story since it is clear by posts that their track record of growth and portfolio of brands isn't clearly understood. There is a lot more to TTi than Ryobi tools.

                  We aren't using generic parts. The fact that we are getting this much negative comment on this post thread and others over our manufacturing source and Home Depot clearly points out that this isn't about the product.


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                    AMEN !