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It has kept me from purchasing

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  • It has kept me from purchasing

    I have read these forums & see complaints of poor displays in HD & poor handling of product problems & tools that don't seem to hold up to well as well as problems right out of the box & the fact that the original tool company laying off their employees & turning over their manufacturing & manufacturing management to another company.

    I have 1 tool originally manufactured by emerson (which is a division of ridgid)a craftsman contractors tables-saw with the junk arbor shaft that can't have a stacked Dado used on it.(sears told me this is normal does this sound familiar as in ridgid drill chuck run-out).

    I now have a 1953 Delta Unisaw waiting in the wings that I have cleaned up & painted & is waiting while I finish the extension table & mobile base & the craftsman table saw will be gone. Remember this saw was made by the same company that made the early ridgid table-saw with the same arbor problems & I hear some of the saws being made today are having this problem too.

    I still have a Sears 6" jointer that was made over seas it seems to work ok so may stay for a while or until I find a older Delta 8" Jointer or a new Grizzly 8" jointer. I have looked at ridgid wood working tools & passed them by every time. I no longer even look at them or sears. From what I've seen here on the forums they stand behind them about as good as I've already experienced with sears. No thank you. Junk parent company attitude = junk manufacture attitude = junk tools & service.

    I don't even capitalize sears, craftsman, ridgid, or emerson any more they don't deserve the effort or the honor.

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    I would agree, in part, with your observations.

    Just to clarify, Emerson made most of Sears' stationary tools up until 1998. Their standard contractors' saw design became the Ridgid 2424 and later the 3612. I developed my interest in Ridgid, since they kept improving the saw, with me copying most of the changes.

    But, when OWT took over the Ridgid ww'ing line---you're right---they appear not to have hired on former Emerson employees (a choice which now is bitting them in the rear) and chose to eliminate the 3612 saw (which had high test ratings) in favor of the 3650, which, amoung it's other problems, has the arbor problem, which Emerson corrected in the late 90s.

    Now, on my old Sears saw---it also had the arbor problem--but guess what----I bought the arbor assembly from Sears parts for $65 and bingo---no more arbor problem----just FYI or for other owners.


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      I purchased the shaft last year about this time from sears too & that exactly what I got the shaft with the same problems as the old one.

      Guess what my 1953 Delta Unisaw doesn't have this problem hmmmm Maybe Delta knows something ridgid & sears doesn't know. Or is to stupid to know. Or maybe ridgid & sears have a blank spot between their ears that someone is unfortunate enough to hit every once in a while & they end up with the same stupidness all over again.

      If you think I am hitting on sears & ridgid like a big hammer on a big anvil over & over again your right unfortunately it has just about as much effect as hitting an anvil or a big rock. Their just plain stupid. maybe if someone took the anvil a dropped it on ridgid's CEO's or president's foot & when he started hollering belted him in the mouthe & told him to shut up & listen that he has 2 ears he should listen twice as much as he talks & he might learn something. Yes I believe in skipping all the bottom echelon & getting the attention on the top person in charge because intimately its is his fault. "The buck stops here Harry S. Truman".

      So Mr. CEO or Mr President if your listening WAKE UP. The way your company is operating & the people you associated with namely Home Depot stinks.