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  • shopping for air compressor

    I am in the market for a portable air compressor and have been looking at the Rigid OF45150 at home depot. Does it really have a capacity of 6.2 SCFM@90 psig? At the local store they had boxes with the same model number and specs, except for the scfm output. There were boxes labeled with only 4.9 SCFM@ 90psig. Everything else is the same. I asked a rep a the store and they didn't know why the same model had different specs.

    I have read elsewhere that, by nature of the oil free compressor, this rigid is louder than most comparable oiled versions, like the dewalt D55155, which is supposed to be relatively quite for its class. I have been comparing the two and was leaning towards the ridgid OF45150 since it was rated with a higher output, however my finding has made me somewhat skeptical.

    I am planning on using the unit for some framing/finishing nailing, light impact/rachet use in the garage, and potentially some very light painting/staining applications (knowing that both compressors really are not suited well for really any spray painting applications).

    Any thoughts would be appreicated. Thanks.

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    Could you have been looking at the Rdigid oil lubricated compressor? The oil free twin tank, according to the website, does have an air output of 6.2 SCFM @ 90psi while the oil lubricated twin tank has an air output rating of 4.6 SCFM @ 90psi.
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      Went back again today to get some things for a project and looked at the compressors again, and sure enough, they both say oil free and have the OF45150 model number. The sales associate was unsure why and said that they even came in on the same truck load. He also mentioned that the output looked more like that of the oiled compressor model.