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  • warranty registration question

    got a four piece combo set. there is one registration card and four tools with four serial numbers. how should i go about registering the combo set?

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    Just register the drill. The hammer drill in the 3 and 4 piece combo kits is unique to those packages. From there, we will know thanks to our documentation.


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      I tried to register my RS1000 on the Ridgid website product registration page. The URL is It did not seem to work, so I emailed Ridgid customer service last Sunday and asked if my attmept to register was successful. No response yet.

      Is there any way to find out if my saw is registered with Ridgid? Why don't they respond to email inquires?



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          Mike [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Yep, Keyless, that is the page I tried to register my RS1000 on, but got nothing but a blank page after pushing the submit button. Waited over 3 minutes, by the clock.

            Furthermore, I'd still like to know why they don't answer email.


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              I bought an extra battery with the 4-pc. combo kit and have not opened it yet ( Not sure if I need it with the dual 30 min. charger ) . Does the battery need to be registered also and does it have a warranty card in the packaging .

              Thanks .


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                I, to tried to register my combo set on 1/2/04 and ended up with the blak screen. I do not think the regestration transmited. I called the phone number listed (1-866-539-1710) and was told that I needed only to keep my register reciept and the dating would take care of it all. This seems short sited as many of my Home Depot reciepts fade in a few months. My question is what is a consumable accessories, the ad states that the warenty will cover normal wear and tear.


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                  Well, now it has been almost a week since I emailed Ridgid and asked them about registration. Still no response.

                  Did call Ridgid about it and they said that they are getting other complaints, so just go ahead and send in the card. Said nothing about the receipt.

                  Also told them that a part was missing from my RS1000. The woman did not even ask what part or anything, but transferred me to a Ryobi/OWT line where I could ***get this*** BUY the part that was not packed with my RAS!!!

                  What ever happened to customer service that actually took care of the customer. Moderators that actually looked into customer's questions (hint, Brandman).

                  BTW the part that was missing was a truss-head screw. One of the 24 that holds the legs on the base. A very minor part, indeed (I put a bolt of my own in its place, but mine is nickel plated, the others black). But, the point is that Ridgid CS never even asked what it was. It could have been the column, the radial arm, or the motor for all they know. Just sent me to a parts distributer line so I could buy it. With my own money.

                  Final irony: the parts lady told me that issues involving missing parts had to go to another phone number, which she gave me. Guess what? It was a different number into the same customer service center that transferred me to the parts distributer in the first place!

                  While I still think the saw is great, I'm now wondering whether making the effort to register it with Ridgid is worth it, given what their new customer service (or Ryobi's CS) is like. What good is the warranty? If something fails will they just ask me to buy a replacement part. With my own money. And will they think that is warranty service?


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                    This is the area that Ridgid made the biggest mistake. Not handling warrenty themselfs. I've said this many times, and I fear not to say it again.


                    If you care about what you sell, and WHO you sell it to. Take the lead and do YOUR JOB.
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                      Finally got an email from Ridgid, oops, no, make that OWT, answering my question about warranty registration. Took them 17 days. Must also note that I was off a bit on the time-span in my remarks above. My second post on the subject was almost TWO weeks after my attempt to register and my email to Ridgid or who ever.

                      I have replied to OWT's answer, below, and asked about the fading receipt problem. Will post their answer to that when, and if, I receive it.

                      The reply from OWT, and my original question:
                      -------- Original Message --------
                      Subject: RGDScott Cook:RE: On-line warranty registration
                      Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:33:59 -0500

                      Mr. Cook:

                      The on-line registration does not provide confirmation, and since the information goes to an outside independent service, we do not have access to it. If you did not receive some type of error screen when you transmitted the data, it should have been received.

                      Registration is not a requirement for warranty coverage, your receipt is.

                      Technical Services
                      OWT Industries

                      -----Original Message-----
                      From: []
                      Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 8:36 PM
                      Subject: On-line warranty registration


                      I tried to register my new RS1000 radial-arm saw on line at the Ridgid website today, but after clicking on the "Submit" button I got a blank
                      screen in my browser for several minutes. Is there any way to check and see if the registration was processed (all my info is below), or if I should
                      try again?

                      Scott Cook


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                        Ridgid's response to my question about the fading receipts:

                        RGDScott Cook:RE: On-line warranty registration
                        Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:51:01 -0500

                        Mr. Cook:

                        Since receipts can fade over time, I would make a photo copy of it or laminate it now, and keep it somewhere that you will not loose it. The receipt has to be provided to obtain the warranty coverage. No receipt, no coverage, no exceptions. Home Depot does not have anything to do with honoring the warranty since they are just the distributor of the product, your nearest Ridgid authorized service center does.

                        An actual Ridgid customer service representative would not direct you to a master parts distributor for a missing part from a new purchase. I would call them back at 1-866-539-1710 and follow the prompts to speak to a Ridgid customer service representative. Get the name of the rep you speak with and if she does not arrange to have the missing part sent, let me know who you spoke with.

                        T.Clinkscales Technical Services OWT Industries

                        -----Original Message-----

                        To: Subject: Re: RGDScott Cook:RE: On-line warranty registration


                        A follow-up question on warranty coverage, and, if I may, a question about a missing part.

                        Thanks for the reply. It put me at ease knowing that all I need is my receipt. But that raises another question, one that has appeared on the Ridgid forum bulletin boards: The receipts that we all get from Home Depot are printed on thermal printer paper, and they fade badly. In fact, after anywhere from a few months to a year or so the receipt is usually blank or nearly so. If left in the sun or near heat they turn solid black. Will you accept a photocopy with the original receipt stapled to it? I'd even go as far as having the original and photocopy notarized and certified if it helps. The question arose because some Home Depot managers won't honor the Ridgid warranty with a copy of the receipt.

                        The warranty was a very important part in my decision to buy a Ridgid radial arm saw, and I would like to do all I can to preserve the warranty coverage.

                        Missing part: My saw came with only 23 of the part number 805589-5 "screw, truss hd. 1/4-20 X 1/2" Was supposed to have 24. These screws hold the legs to the stiffeners at the top of the leg set. I haven't been able to find one exactly like it at Home Depot or Lowe's. Called Customer Service and the woman there, ***without even knowing what part was missing from my saw*** transferred me to the master parts distributer to order and pay for the part I needed. I was supposed to pay for a part that was missing from the original packaging! Kind of upset me, especially since I had not told her yet what part was missing. Could have been the column, radial arm, or motor for all she knew. Is there any way you can get one sent to me?

                        Thanks again, Scott

                        Also, I called the number he gave me, which is the same one that the parts lady told me to call a while back (see my first post above). This time it went very well. Got a very nice, older sounding, Southern lady who was very courteous. She took my name and address, and the part number of the missing bolt, told me that it was in stock and I'd have it in about 10 to 14 business days.

                        Hopefully OWT is hiring more like her and Mr. Clinkscales and things will improve.