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Griz or Craftsman or General or Jet or Delta TS??? NEWBIE Please help

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  • Griz or Craftsman or General or Jet or Delta TS??? NEWBIE Please help

    I have attempted to narrow down my search for my TS. I have researched the following and have reduced the list to these below. Any suggestions and or advice would be greatly appreciated. As you can see I am in the under 1000 range and will be running on 110 volt garage.

    I am a WW and want to grow my talents with the saw so would like to purchase a little more saw now than what I need so in the near future I can continue to use the same saw as my abilities improve.

    1. General 50-220CM1 30" rip Biesemeyer fence $850-$900

    2. Craftsman Mfr. model #OR35504 w/ Biesemeyer fence $800-$900

    3. Grizzly G1023S110 shop fox fence $895.00

    4. Dewalt DW746X dewalt fence $900-1000

    5. Jet 10" Super Saw $900-1000

    6. DELTA Hybrid Table Saw Model 36-717 30 in. Biesemeyer $900-1000

    I have heard and read good things about all of these saws but unable to make a decision….


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    I typically break these decisions down to known pros and cons to help narrow the field a bit. For the record I've only used the 22124 and like it alot, and have used a 220v version of a 1023 that I also like alot.

    The 1023S110 is going to pose some electrical issues b/c it draws 24 amps which means it requires a 30 amp circuit, which isn't standard in most homes...which means it poses the same electrical issues as a saw that requires 220v...that whole model is a bit of a misnomer IMO. Otherwise a very solidly built saw.

    I'm not aware of any significant feature advantages of the DW over the others. A decent saw yes, but it's an earlier design that lacks a 4" dust chute, has an open bottom cabinet, has a decent but not great fence, and has steel wings.

    The original Jet SS is in a similar boat to the DW, but there were a few known quality issues and I always had a higher opinion of the DW over this one...FWIW, Workbench Mag agreed with me. It does have CI wings. There's a new version of the Jet SS with a full cabinet and an Exacta fence coming out that's more comparable to the Delta, GI and Sears. Not sure of the price, plus any new design runs a higher risk of some initial troubles. The newer version may have promise, but it's early in the game.

    I don't hear alot about the Delta yet...some positives, some negatives, and there were known delays with it's release....looks to have some things in common with the Sears. Has a great fence, full cabinet, 4" DC port, serpentine belt, CI wings, and a nice extension w/legs. For comparable money, the 22124 has the advantage of the cabinet mounted trunnions and alot more units in the field.

    The GI impressed me when I got to look it over. Great fence options, full cabinet, the motor cover doesn't stick out as far under the wing, the trunnion is a solid cast piece, 4" DC port, no blade. Too bad they don't offer the famous General CI miter gauge with this one. I've dealt with GI before and like dealing with that company...still a family owned business. Good choice IMO.

    The 22124 is pretty well proven and comes loaded with features, a great fence, great stock blade, full cabinet, 4" DC port, 12" CI wings vs 10" so it offers a wider table surface, cabinet mounted trunnions, a fence and hold down clamp on the miter gauge, a fold up outfeed table, and a laminated extension on the right wing. Another good choice IMO. Also FWIW, Workbench picked this one first on their hybrid comparison over the original Jet SS, DW746, and GI with the cheap fence.

    Now, which one has the stuff YOU like best?


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      Thank you for the information. Seems the Craftsman would be worth the money over the Ridgid IF I can get it around 700-800 price range... would you agree?


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        Originally posted by means42:
        Thank you for the information. Seems the Craftsman would be worth the money over the Ridgid IF I can get it around 700-800 price range... would you agree?
        I think that's a call only you can make. My opinion is that the hybrids offer some advantages over contractor saws, and that the 22124 has some advantages over most of the hybrids. That said, there is a often premium to pay. Only you can decide if the features I view as advantages are worth the extra cost and how much extra. I do agree that $800 would be a great price relative to recent sales.

        Money is usually a factor is people's best advice is to not short yourself over an amount of money that you won't think twice about 6 months down the road. If you're dipping into the grocery fund to get luxury features on a saw, then I'd advise against getting it. The "executive decision" goes to you! Please keep us posted!

        p.s. sent you a message with a few other ideas.

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          I'll throw my .02 in here too. I've had the 22124 since March and love it. I rarely, if ever, rip anything on the left side of the blade, but wanted more rip capacity to the right. The Beis tube on the front of the saw can be moved over to the right to get 41" of rip capacity. The only thing I had to do was drill 2 new holes for the On/Off switch. It also makes for a nice place to add a router table. Also, by moving the tube to the right, I can now use the Beis fence as a router fence (as long as I don't have to bury the bit!)


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            that is a sweet set up... Did you build the extension table w/ the router insert? If so got the instructions or measurements... also how did you move the bar?


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              That is pretty slick Newf! You're giving me ideas!