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TS3612 and Router Table Extension

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  • TS3612 and Router Table Extension

    Need some advice...

    I've had the 3612 for over a year now and love it. As I only have 1 garage, I'm looking to maximize space, so I decided to use the Rockler router table extension for the table saw instead of building a separate station. I figured there was a lot of dead space on the right side of the saw and this would be a perfect solution.

    Well, in theory it looked good, the problem I'm having is that I can't get it to mount flush with the table. As it stands now, the router table sits about 1/8" above the saw table, which effectively minimizes my rip width to about 20". I'm not at all happy with that solution. I have it mounted using the T-Bolts on the front and rear fence. The problem is that due to the location of those slots, I can't get the router table any lower. The table is 3/4" thick and it's mounted on 1" oak strips.

    My next thought was to drill into the cast iron table extensions and mount the router table to that as I've already measured and there is enough room. And I have leg extensions on the router table for added support. However, my concern then becomes the fence rails. As there is no longer the support bar or router table to hold them flush, I'm afraid that eventually they'll get out of whack.

    Has anyone successfully set this up? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    Here's a link to the router table:


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    Hi, haven't set up the Rockler table but the Mulecab router table fits nicely on my 3650. I drilled into the edge of the wing to and added a couple bolts there along with fastening to the rails. See BigJohnson's post from a few days ago for a photo.

    Topic: TS2424 router table to replace cast iron wing

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