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I hate THE BAG!!!

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  • I hate THE BAG!!!

    I just bought the 4pc. combo set at my local HD. I'll admit, that the excellent reputation of Ridgid, the quality of all the woodworking tools I already own, and the lifetime service warranty on this new line made it IMPOSSIBLE to refuse buying the tools before December 31. But I can't stand that bag!!! I knew it was going to have the bag, but I didn't realized that I'd have to stack the tools into it in a specific order, leaving my most used (the drill) at the bottom of the heap. Which brings up the next issue. Ridgid went to the trouble of building in specific rubber components so that the tools won't get scratched up when you set them down outside the bag, so why is there no protection from them being banged around against one another in the bag? Is Ridgid going to come out with a hard case for these tools? I payed $500.00 for the tools all I want to do it protect my investment. And Ridgid should want to also I mean the warranty work is on you anyhow. I love the tools, but I hate the inconvenience of having to literally remove at least two other tools to to get to either the cordless circular saw or the hammerdrill. And if you are going somewhere to do work you can add the charger to the top of that pile.
    PLEASE tell me there will be a hard case, and it won't cost me an arm and a leg to get one!!!
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