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3612 arbor bearings??

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  • 3612 arbor bearings??

    I think the arbor bearings are going in my tablesaw. It has a noise when running. Kinda a thump,thump,thump. I first thought it was the blade on the insert, but I pulled the blade and it still makes the noise. You can feel it vibrating when running. Nothing major, but it seems to be getting worse the last couple days. How should I try and get this fixed? Just tear it apart and get the bearings replaced, or try and get Ridgid to cover it? I keep reading about Ridgids great customer service on warranty issues, now I gotta test it out huh? Joe

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    Are you useing the factory OEM Blade?
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      I wonder whether or not this would be a warranty issue. Bearings could be a normal wear and tear item. Ridgid Customer Service or a Service Center would be able to tell you.
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        First, I would try this. Unlock the bevel and slant the blade to about 10 degrees. With the bevel still unlocked, grab the edge of the blade and try to move it in all directions. If the arbor bearings are bad enough to make the noise, you should feel some wobble or endplay. It's even easier to check if you remove the belt (if your TS is belt drive). If that's not the problem, run through the blade parallelism test as described in the manual several times using different positions of the may be warped. I assume your saw is a belt drive so...Lastly, I would check all the belt adjustments. I have a TS3650 and I found the adjustment procedures to be pretty unreliable so you may want to do some trial and error here. Good luck.


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          Is your shop cold and your saw sits without use for awhile? It maybe just that the belt has sat in one position too long and with the cold has set in a form. See if the thump lessens this weekend when it finally warms up around here. If it does try a link belt