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BS1400 Upper Guide Holder??

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  • BS1400 Upper Guide Holder??

    Have any other BS1400 owners noticed that the upper guide block holder doesn't extend far enough forward on wider blades? It's generally recommended that the guide blocks reach the back of the blade's gullets. I've got a 3/4" Delta blade mounted for resawing, and with the guide blocks fully extended and blade tracked center of the upper wheel, they fall a good 3/8" short of the back of the blades gullets.

    I've ordered a 1/2" blade which should help (the 3/4" was a freebie) but was wondering if anyone knew of an aftermarket guide block holder that fits the BS1400 and would extend farther, possibly from a Jet or another Chinese-made 14" BS??


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    Do the guides reach the back of your gullets when using the 1/2" blade?

    3/8 seems to be a large amount.

    I have never used a 3/4 inch blade on mine before. Other than the minimal support offered by the guide blocks, how well does the 3/4" blade perform? Track? Tension?

    Also, you may be on to a million dollar idea with "adjustable guide blocks" for the 14" bandsaw. You should look into it further.


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      I've got a 3/4 timberwolf in mine with the riser & it sets right up on the gullets, Might want to check your set-up



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        I bought a pair 1/2", 3-tpi Starrett blades from BCSAW, what a difference! No more wandering kerfs. That 3/4" Delta was a piece of junk!

        Other mods: I removed the adjustment screw from the upper guide holder to allow it to move farther forward and shimmed up the arm, with some tin flashing, there was an incredible amount of slop in its fit, the guide block holder would move a good 1/8" to the right when I tightened it down. Also shimmed up the guide blocks so they don't move when tightened down.

        I also ordered a block of premium UHMW from McMaster Carr, I'm gonna take a stab at making my own custom-fit guide blocks.