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  • Who makes what??

    I ws looking at my ridgid tool kit and happened to pick up my Ryobi sander when I noticed the serial numbers looked identical in their style. I then happened to pick up my Craftsman drill and sure enough, the serial number looked the same as the others.

    Does the same company making Ridgid make Ryobi tools? And also Craftsman ?

    I almost bought the cordless drill but wasnt sure about spending that much money when It may be the same as something that cost clsoer to $50.

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    All those brands are manufactured by TTI (Techtronic Industries) but as with any other product they are all made with different parts and specifications. I think you will be surprised at the vast number of OEM's that TTI supplies (Milwaukee, AEG, Homlite, Toro to name a few)

    TTI milestones


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      While WBrooks is mostly correct, there are some additional pieces of info to go with the answer. (Wayne, no offense meant.)

      First, Ridgid woodworking tools are, for the most part, made under a license agreement with Techtronics International, as are Ryobi tools. But, not all the Ridgid tools are made by TTI. Plumbing tools and Vacuums are made here in the USA. The 6-inch sander, is made in Germany and I believe one of their grinders is also, but the latter I'm not sure about.

      Most Ryobi tools are made by TTI, but to different standards than are the Ridgid line. The Ryobi Routers are made here in the USA in the Anderson, SC facility. I have both the Ryobi and the Ridgid 5-inch random orbit sanders. They share some of the same design features, and therefore look similar, but they are different in their housings, motors, pads and most, if not all other parts. I think if you look at equivalent tools, side-by-side, you will find definite differences. Hence, the Ryobi tool has a 2-year warranty and the Ridgid a 3-year warranty with the option (all you have to do is register the tool) of a limited lifetime service agreement.

      Sears' Craftsman is a different story. Sears goes out for bids on tools it sets the specifications for. Over the years, Ryobi has been a prime contractor and therefore a lot of the tools would be made either in Anderson, SC or by their parent company TTI. Similarly, Ridgid's parent (Emerson Electric) has made quit a few tools for Craftsman too. I think today, Craftsman uses a large number of different manufacturers. The first three digits of the product number are the code for who makes what under the Craftsman name. Some times these tools may be exactly the same (except for color and badge), but often they are diffent in order to meet Sears' specifications. Craftsman power tools only have a 1-year warranty, I believe.

      The one thing that is common though, is customer and technical service. For the last couple of years, when you call Craftsman, Ryobi, or Ridgid Customer or Technical Service, you get the same folks down in Anderson, SC. However, Sears' Craftsman handles its parts operations differently than either Ryobi or Ridgid. Part of Sears overall marketing policy is to ensure that you have parts and therefore Craftsman tool parts seem to be more readily available than either Ridgid or Ryobi.

      Hope this helps,


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        Thank you that answered my question perfectly!!!


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          CWS none taken

          CWS is mostly correct (a lot more than I was) [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

          The ROS (R2610), grinder (R1000), jigsaw (R3120),
          and Pulse Drill (R5010) are made by Metabo in Germany


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            I'm mostly interested in where the POS is made.
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              I just picked up the 4 1/2" grinder (R1000) and it is a very nice piece (nice and smooth - a bit heavy tho). Is the 6" grinder also made by Metabo?