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  • Miter saws/need imput

    I am hoping someone can give me some imput/feedback on the Ridgid 12" compound miter saw ms1250lz. While at HD I compared the DeWalt and the Ridgid which both run 299.00. It seemed like the Ridgid had a few more features like the adjustable material clamp(39.99 extra on the DeWalt) Although I wasn't able to power up the units, it seemed like the range of motion was smoother on the DeWalt but maybe the store model Ridgid was banged around a little. Also the Ridgid has the laser which if accurate seems like a less time consuming bonus. Of coarse the sales person said buy it and try it out(the Ridgid) and if you don't like return it! I recently went from a project manager at a remodeling company to starting my own, so I don't have time to waste returning stuff and value any imput before I purchace one. On a side note, I did purchace the DeWalt collapsable aluminum stand for whichever model I buy. It looked like a sweet unit at 34lbs. Thx for any help.

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    I do not own but there are several posts on this board as of recent. Check this forum and the others as well. From what I've read, the laser is not all that accurate. Luck of the draw if you get a good one. I think they had a great design on their clamp. My delta 10" came with a clamp but I liked ridgid's clamp better b/c of the quick release adjusting clip. One thing I noticed on the Ridgid in store was an quite a large gap under plate where blade goes into base. Don't know if they fixed that, but could cause some tear out.

    Good luck


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      I purchased that same saw from Ridgid and no complaints here. Cuts smooth and fast and the built in crown moulding stops are a plus. The laserguide take a little getting used to as it's not right on the cut line, but after a day of use you can gauge your cuts acordingly and I haven't had a problem since. I even did some cutting of that crappy foam base board junk, and it cut so clean and neat, I thought it would tear it to shreads.

      All in all, a great saw with or without the Laser.



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        i just bought the saw. it is really great. the laser is off to the left the thickness of the blade like it has to be. i found the movements of the table to be smooth. the huge selling factors were; free stand with the 12", and lifetime warranty. but to get the warranty, you must purchase before 12/31. try to find a 10% off coupon and this saw quicky becomes a no brainer. good luck with your projects
        thanks, Z


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          I own the Porter-Cable 12" saw. I love it, although they just came out with a new version with a dual laser system, which unfortunately cannot be retrofitted to my saw. Mine is about a year old. When I was looking for mitre saws, I looked closely at the Dewalt and Ridgid. A year ago, I dismissed Ridgid because I didn't know much about the company and because they were sold only at HD. Maybe I should have looked closer. However, with the Dewalt, I did look very closely. You should pay attention to the base when you lock it in place. I noticed a significant amount of deflection when doing so. The base bows downward a measureable amount. I don't know if this would effect the accuracy of a cut, but it sure seems like it would. I tried this on a number of display models at different stores and found the same thing. I also was looking at this at a contractor supply store at the same time two carpenters were standing nearby. They were amazed that it did this and said that they had not noticed it before. They seemed to think it could cause a problem. The Ridgid and the P-C did not do this. Although you appear to have limited your search to Dewalt and Ridgid, I would suggest that you look at P-C (or Delta, which is the same saw). It is very solid and accurate and now comes with the dual laser system for about $330. It also has a great base design, which allows the saw to be placed on 2x4s on site or in the shop. Good luck.


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            Thx for all of the imput. I did go and get the Dewalt mainly because of the dual coumpound. I know the PC is a great miter saw but was at Home Depot and they don't carry it. Anyhow the saw is working great as I'm sure the Ridgid does also. It's funny how you get a feel for a tool. I now have the Ridgid 4 pc cordless 18v(awesome set), the Dewalt Dual coumpound miter, and all Porter Cable Circular saws.(PS why aren't many of the companies making circular saws with the blade on the left like PC?)