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dado set for 3612

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  • dado set for 3612

    I am looking for a good stacked dado set that will fit the 3612 and costs somewhere in the $100 range. I am also wondering about getting the dado insert. We all know that HD doesn't carry these any more. I know many will say "make your own", but I am curious if the craftsman saw insert will work on the Ridgid. Does anyone know?

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    International Tools currently has the Freud SD208 on sale for $59.95, they usually are priced between $85-$95. Freud SD208 Dado Set At that price, it's a hard deal to pass up.

    You might want to do a search on dado sets. There was a thread awhile back that dealt with the subject of dado sets under $100.
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      I agree, especially at $60 what a deal


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        Hey Dave, thanks for the info. I checked the web site and the blades I saw were $79.95...I couldn't find any for $59.95. Any idea about the dado inserts?


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          Just click on link I provided in my initial post and it will take you directly to the $59.95 price.


          edit: Don't know if the Craftsman inserts will fit the 3612 or not but my guess is they won't. I think you can still get the inserts from RIDGID though. HD should be able to order them, PN AC1030 also. If you have a jigsaw, scroll saw or bandsaw you can also make them pretty ealily too. Use the insert that came with the 3612 as a pattern.

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          Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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            BD you must know the secret handshake, when I click on your link it is $74.95 for 6", $79.95 for 8". Maybe they saw the Rolex.LOL

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              I wish I knew what was going on here. I swear that when I click on my link it takes me to the $59.95 price. I checked their website to see if maybe there was a regitration issue here but I couldn't find anywhere where you would need to sign-in. I'm stumped! You might try calling them at 800-338-3384 to see if you can place an order for the $59.95 price. Their hours, according to their catalog, are 8-5 EST, M-F and 8-12 EST, Saturday. No affiliation, bla bla bla.........

              One other suggestion, try going to their website and type Freud SD208 in the search box. Maybe you can find it doing that.
              Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                If it is an old sale that you saw last week your browser may have the link in cache, try clearing your cache as see if it is still $60. In IE go to tools, Internet options, delete files and tick the delete offline content box. Good idea to do this every now and then as the file can get huge, as an example I just checked mine and had 10,876 files in 16 folgers for a total of 125.6 M, this number may be larger if you use outlook express as a news reader


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                  I did what you said, thanks for that by the way, and I can still find the $59.95 price. Do me a favor and try this, go to and type FRESD208 in the search box. This should bring you to a page that will show the SD208 at the higher price and also the price for the SD206. Now, click on the option #1 "SD200 Series". Does it show the price of the SD208 as $59.95, it does for me. Thanks

                  Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                    Well, I went to Sears today and took my insert with me. I looked at the Craftsman dado insert and it was a perfect match. For anyone looking for a dado insert for the 3612, the Craftsman part number is 22290 and it fits like a glove. I printed the price for the Freud 208 and took it to Lowes. I ended up getting the dado set for $71.00. All in all, a pretty good day i'd say.


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                      did a copy from the web page and pasted it here...

                      SD200 Series Dado Blades
                      Model description price add to cart
                      FRESD206 6" dia. x 10T x 5/8" arbor $74.95
                      FRESD208 8" dia. x 12T x 5/8" arbor $79.95
                      (check box & click "add to cart" button)

                      I think we should get you to order us all one!


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                        Just a side note here. When I got to the cashier at Lowes and handed her the printout for the price match she said she had no idea what to do with it. She called the manager over and she looked at it and told us to hold on while she went to the customer service desk. She came back and told me they only price match for local stores. I pointed out that the Lowes website states that they price match for on-line competitors. She went back to the customer service desk, came back again, gave me the reduced price, and then took another nine dollars off. That was worth an extra couple of minutes I guess. I know that I hate being in line behind someone having a dispute with the cashier though.

                        If you want to try this for yourself, go to the link provided by Badger Dave and print that page. Then go to and print their price match policy. I didn't do that but should have. You shouldn't have any problems at all.

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