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Heads up-TS2400 will fail again

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  • Heads up-TS2400 will fail again

    After waiting forever to get my replacement motor for the TS2400 table saw, I started to install it yesterday, and noticed that THE PROBLEM HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED AT ALL. This motor will fail again without modification.
    The arbor is driven by a screw gear meshing into a sun gear. First, the lubricant is filled from BEHIND THE SUN GEAR. It never reaches the meshing point. Second, the meshing of gears squeezes out any lubricant from between the gear teeth. THIS RESULTS IN THE OVERHEATING AND MELTING OF THE GEAR TEEETH ON BOTH THE ARMATURE AND THE SUN GEAR.
    This has happened to me, three of my colleagues, and will happen to you if you buy this portable table saw. I had Tech dept. open the motor while on the phone with me, and he agreed to a bad engineering job. Later I recieved a replacement motor with the same problem.
    The only solution is to open the arbor and fill to ABSOLUTE CAPACITY with wheel bearing grease, and hope that it churns enough to cycle through the meshpoint. Joint must be sealed with Form-A Gasket or felt paper, as the grease will leak out while running. Ideally, drilling and tapping a grease fitting is in order.

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