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    Hello!! Seeing that HD has 20% off, I am going to acquire a table saw by Sunday. I have a two car garage and one side is my wodshop area(not divided) and I need a good table saws. I don't mind spending a little extra(if I have to), as I hope to buy for future needs. I am new to woodworking and own some Ridgid tools(band saw, drill) and am pleased. My question is between looking at the Ridgid 3650, 2400(for size reasons).....or maybe the Ryobi BT3100. I just don't know and really need help. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Personally I don't have a table saw yet, I too have been looking at the ts2400 on the work-n-haul cart. The one current owner that answered my post so far would purchase the saw again,the new orange model incorporates a t-slot for the miter gage and a few other things. What it boils down to is purchase what your happy with. Just a thought, you said you "wouldn't mind spending a little extra if you had too", if its between the ts2400 and the Ryobi BT3100 I think in the long run you would be happier with the Ridgid. Question for TS2400 owners


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      If you open an HD charge card you get an additional 10% off and no payments or interest until Jan. 05. That would reduce the price of the 3650 to around $431 prior to tax, at that price even the most diehard critics of that saw would have difficulty finding fault with it.



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        I don't own any ridgid tools, but have seen both ridgid models. Not the RYOBI one. Of the two ridgids, I'd ask what you are looking to do with them. If you see taking saw to a jobsite, and doing carpentry off locaitn I'd suggest taht one. If it's a home shop, you will probably be able to do more things with 3650 and it should last longer b/c it's belt driven.



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          Woodslayer makes a good point....for $431 the 3650 is tough to beat. As your skills improve you could upgrade the fence and still have a reasonably small investment.


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            I'd also add that the Herc-u-lift system is great. I have my 3650 in the garage and absolutely need the mobility. With this system, I can move it around very easily. For the price, it's a great saw.


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              Hi, I just just bought the New work-n-haul it folding Ridgid tablesaw and it is perfect for those of you that have space limitations like I do. It is also great for hauing around. It is just like having a tablesaw on a dolly and it can be stored in a upright positon. The tools & blade are stored on the sides of the tablesaw. It has a 25" rip capacity and a micro adjuster on the rip fence for those fine adjustments. I highly recommend it if you can afford it. I paid about $800.00 canadian for it at the Home Depot store. I hope this helps.