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Alignment of 1250LZ

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  • Alignment of 1250LZ

    Recently purchased the new 1250LZ. Did anyone else have any alignment problems,or were most cutting straight right out of the box? If not, any tips on on the alignment process?

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    Mine seemed to be perfect right out of the box. I looked at the directions on the adjustment, it seemed pretty simple.

    Before I purchased the saw, I came across a newsgroup posting where someone didn't like the Ridged saw because you have to turn the saw over to adjust it. If the saw was on a table/bench I can see where that would be a problem, but with the included stand it's easy to get to the adjustment bolts under it.


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      Right out of the box here too.


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        mine was off a little bit and was a pain to adjust i hads a hard time finding a square that will fit against the blade right to set it. i ended up making cuts and reversing it and checking it until i got it right, i have it mounted on the stand so getting to the bolt is easy, all said and done i love this saw even though it is a pain to adjust it