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Need help deciding on an air compressor.

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  • Need help deciding on an air compressor.

    I originially posted this in the general discussion section by mistake.

    Anyone here have any experience with these two craftsman's. I like the 15 gallon tank and the 150 max psi but I read some reviews on epinion and it got a lot of complaints on the noise . But then again the review looks like it's for an older model. I'm wondering if the 12 gallon compressor is any better since it's oil lubed? Thanks in advance for your input.

    15 gallon

    12 gallon

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    Be careful on the parts available. Those oilless can be unrepairable depending on the model or expensive to fix. I do not like oilless compressors, I have 1. I try not to use it much since there are no parts available to repair it.
    I also have 3 oil lube,and they are the best way to go. There are even oil lube types now,than the angle does not matter for roof work.