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Year end sale prices: Rigid and Dewalt

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  • Year end sale prices: Rigid and Dewalt

    I'm wondering if the Rigid and Dewalt sales are more than just a year end deal. I'm thinking like 24v double the life batteries are on the horizon for cordless tools. What do you guys think????

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    I'm thinking there's always a new feature/item/dohickey right around the corner, and if I always wait for it I'll never buy anything!

    What sale prices are you referring to?


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      My Home Depot has just about all the Dewalt tools on sale or offered with another free tool of some sort.


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        My guess would be that they are losing sales to lithium ion and they have cut their prices (they can easily do this because like most Black and Decker products they are made in China) or offer free tools to keep their market share. - just my opinion
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          Please. 36 volt tools are going to be here next year from Bosch and DeWalt. They need to re-position their 18 volt lines as a middle-ground tool rather than this top of the marketing strategy they have been using. You want a marketing/product positioning nightmare? Add Milwaukee V28, Milwaukee 18V, Ridgid, and Ryobi all under one company. Push Ridgid? When you have two product lines that are clearly dominant both in perfromance and longevity? Good luck.
          I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.