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cordless wobble problem

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  • cordless wobble problem

    I purchased the 18 volt R84001 cordless drill a few weeks back, and after reading these posts I decided to check for the wobble, and hold and behold the chuck is wobbleing. I'm going to return this drill and buy another cordless from a different make. I dont need these headaches of running around and returning tools. I dont know why Ridgid dosent fix these issues. I have seen posts from people about the wobble from 2004 and the problems still exists. This is bad!

    I was talking to my dad about it and he said every drill will have a little wobble to it, I dont know how much truth there is to that.

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    Before I decided on my Ridgid 12v (couldn't say no to $49), I bought and returned 3 other Ridgid's, a Milwaukee 14v, and a Dewalt 12v.

    Every single one of them had a slight wobble in the chuck. I finally decided it's not an isolated issue, and accepted that it's really not a big deal unless you're trying to do precision drilling with something longer than a woodboring bit.

    I'm 100% pleased with my 12v, and I use it regularly. If you got the drill on sale for $99, you got a good deal.

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      yeah I got it on sale for 149.99 CAD. I have a dewalt corded hammer drill and that has a very small wobble too so I guess I'll keep it for now and if it gives me problems then I will return it.


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        In some instances the wobble is actually caused by the chuck.


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          Weebles Wobble...

          I noticed some bit wobble in my 14.4V but it isn't enough to cause a problem. I looked at the new R81030 pivoting screwdriver at my local HD. I already had the DeWalt well before the Ridgid was released. I squeezed the trigger and saw the quick coupler wobbling with no screwdriver bit in it. I was turned off pretty quick when I saw that small coupler wobbling without a short screwdriver bit in it. I wondered if I could even drive a small screw with that much wobble. But I didn't check to see if it was just the sleeve that you use to release the bit or if a bit would actually wobble too.


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            I'll probably get jumped all over for this but if you really need to be that precise you should have a good quality drill press.. just my opinion