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New to this site, I know this has been asked before but.....

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  • New to this site, I know this has been asked before but.....

    what the heck is the truth on the ridgid lifetime warranty. I just read (on another forum) that yes it is a lifetime warranty on the tool, BUT ridgid determines what the LIFE of the tool is. Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That has me a little nervous. I was under the impression that I would have that drill for life, MY LIFE. I just read my first post where someone named Primo(?) was having problems with the battery holding a charge. Then it was stated that he had a tool for 43 days with a problem. Why would you call Ridgid?? The box says there is a 90 day warranty and that is in store. I am absolutely positive on this because it was verified by 2 store managers. You can bring it back for ANY reason at all during the first 90 days. Why go through a service center???? What is the true warranty on these tools????? Help please, I have until March 23rd to return my purchases with no questions asked and I'd like to make the right decision.

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    Warranty is lifetime of the tool to the original purchaser ( ie the guy that can hold onto the reciept for life ). Lifetime of the tool will very depending on the user, if you take care of the tool it will be your life span but if you leave it in the rain, drop it off your roof onto concreate the tools life is over and so is the warranty.


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      wbrooks is right.....though read for yourself on the Ridgid brochure (HD display) "batteries for life" that highlights the feature of the tool....I bought batteries for life...everything else can be debated...Natural wear vs. defects and workmanship can be debated....I have enjoyed a 18vlt 4 pack and 12vlt drill for 8 weeks and they are decent tools


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        Welcome to the forum----and you're right, this subject has been discussed to death, and there's still little agreement.

        First, the 90 day return policy is actually the best part of the deal, IMHO----If a tool is going to fail, it's most likely to happen then, and agree----taking a new tool in for a long wait at the service center is not what customer service is all about.

        As to the lifetime warranty----thank goodness we only have four days left to discuss the subject.