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TP1300 died

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  • TP1300 died

    Well, not using this forum before, I'll see how it works. I bought this planer about 6 weeks ago. Today I was planing some 12in oak, about 1/32 cut.The planer died. Thought maybe it overheated, Waited 3 hours, would not reset, still dead. Blades are free(I did check that). Any ideas? Trying to build project for xmas, this sure puts a damper on it. After reading about service problems, I'm wondering if I should just return it...

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    JR, Did the thermal overload actually trip and then wouldn't reset?

    Also, Did you happen to check the breaker for the electrical circuit the planer was plugged into maybe that tripped and not the planer overload.

    Would rather state the possible obvious and get you back into making chips.

    Good luck.
    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.


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      Redline, thanks for the reply, yes I did check the circuit first, its fine. I'm not sure the overtemp breaker opened or not, it is out but will not reset, not sure what it was like before because I didn't think of checking it. I can only think of two things that might have happened, maybe a bad overtemp circuit or the motor went bad. Thinking about returning it to HD tomorrow.... Hate to, but if this is a indication of quality...I do like the design, looks of it....


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        is your tp1300 the grey one or the orange one.


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          Mine is the Grey one

          [ 11-28-2003, 07:21 PM: Message edited by: JR ]


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            If the obvious doesn't fix it return it and get one that does work.


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              I agree, I was just wondering if any others had the same problem, that would make me either get a refund and buy another brand instead of replacing it with the same brand. I have it loaded in my truck now and its going back. I will swap it and try another one, the saleman thinks I just had a bad one...time will tell


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                Update, I returned the planer to HD yesterday and HD was very good about it, I was impressed. They told me about the 90 day satisfaction guarantee, put it in my truck and I was on my way. NO Hassles!


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                  Glad to here everything worked out okay. Good luck.