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  • 3650 base stability

    I am in the market for a tablesaw. Since I use my garage I need a portable table saw which can be pulled out to use and then put away when done. I was looking at the Bosch 4000 until I saw the 3650. I went to HD to look at the 3650 and noticed that the base didn't seem very stable. If I put any pressure at all on the table the whole thing started wobbling. Can anyone who has one tell me if this is common or just a result of sloppy setup by HD on the display unit. Also if anyone has any input on this saw vs the Bosch 4000 I would appreciate that as well.


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    These two saws are in completely different categories...jobsite and contractor saw. The Bosch is perfect for dragging from site to site and is a good saw in that category. The 3650 and most full contractor saws have a number of advantage over any jobsite saw other than portability....cast iron wings, larger table surface...especially in front of the blade, stronger quieter motor, better drive system (belt), better fence, etc. The Bosch has it's place but the 3650 is a better tool for wwing IMHO.

    I think the leg stability issue on the 3650 was with earlier models last fall, but has been resolved as far as I know....the one on display may be poorly assembled.


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      I recently bought and assembled my 3650 and find it pretty sturdy and stable. I agree that the floor models in some stores are pretty scary due to improper assewmbly. So far the saw has been great in every way. Go for it!


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        I agree. You definately can't base your buying decisions upon the condition of some of the stores poorly assembled tools. Check the tool reviews from the mags and, of course, this site is great for feedback from owners of the tools. It's a great saw for the features and value.


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          I just bought my 3650 last weekend and can tell you the table has no wobble or stability problems. Lots of complaints on this BBS but it's unfounded.
          If you take your time during assembly...probably 6-7 hours, you will have a perfectly stable saw. I even added a mule cab router table extension to the right side with the wing in-place and the saw is solid as a rock. I love my 3650!!!


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            Lots of complaints on this BBS but it's unfounded.
            I do believe the "weak ankle" problem has been resolved, but don't believe it was unfounded. Early on (~ 9 mos to a year ago) there were numerous posts from people who had no idea others were experiencing the same problem. There were home-brewed fixes posted, some rumblings about a Ridgid fix, and even a short lived pic of a 3650 with a new-look leg set. There were also postings about that problem on other sites.

            Ridgid did a nice job addressing that issue quickly, quietly, and cost effectively....don't deprive them of a job well done!


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              This is only my personal opinion, but I don't think this "problem" deserved all the attention it got. I got my 3650 10 months ago and it is as solid as a rock. I was at HD today and just for the heck of it I gave their 3650 a shake and it wiggled like a bowlful of Jello. Therefore I could say that the new 3650 is not as good as the original (remember the guy that started this wiggle stuff never owned a 3650, he based his opinion on a HD display)! I gave the saw a good look and saw that the level (height) adjusters were extended all the way out. No wonder it wiggled. The adjusters are the weakest point in the whole system. I wonder if other people have done the same thing. End of rant. Thank you, I feel much better now. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
              "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06