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  • jp0610 jointer

    I received a 10% coupon from HD that is going to run out today. I think Ive been wanting a jointer.
    How do you all like the Rigid jointer?
    And how much is it going for everywhere?
    Our local store does not have one on display,it is in the box and not price tagged.
    When I bought my bs1400 I talked them down from 349 to 299 because I told them about this forum and everywhere else is was at 299 not 349.(I got a gray one- not orange).

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    The Ridgid Jointer is a good tool.


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      IMHO, I think that the JP0610 is a excellent jointer for the money. They are priced around $399.00, here in Oklahoma. Once assembled, mine only took a minor adjustment on the outfeed table before use. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Not that I solely own ridgid tools (although I have several), this was the best jointer for the money I wanted to spend.


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        I just called a HD in St Louis and they said Ridgid didn't make a jointer. I said yes they did and it was a jp0610. He said he never heard of it but would look in the computer, said he had 2 in stock for 399


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          The design of the Ridgid jointer is alot like other well-proven machines - Grizzly, Sunhill, Jet, Bridgewood, GI, older PM...

          It's a bit lower to the ground and it does not have an enclosed base, but those are not showstoppers IMO. One advantage is that it's readily available all over the country.


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            I love mine.


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              I've had mine a year or so, and I think it is
              every bit a fine as the Jet or the Delta 6" Pro.
              My Ridgid was "spot on" right out of the box. Excellent tool at an outstanding price.


              Mike Narges


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                I haven't owned any other one to compare it to, but once I got a neighbor to help me get the heavy SOB onto the base it was spot-on and I can't imagine why I ever thought a jointer fence on the router could be a substitute.
                I also put it onto the old style caster base & though it's a bit top heavy it's working well.
                Mine was listed at $299 but I wrangled it down to $225 & then got the card deal with 12mths to pay +10% off so I paid something like $200