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    Looking for opinions of those who have experience with drum sanders. Specifically, I am evaluating the Delta 31-250 (18'x36"). the Performax 16-32.
    Also found that Sears has entered the market and theirs is priced about $200 bucks less. Wonder who makes it for them?
    I like woodworking but sanding is my lease favorite part so if one of these eases that problem, I'm interested

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    If you know the model number the first 3 digits designate the manufacturer. check it against this list
    Sears OEM Manufacturers List


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      drum sanders are a great tool, as long as you use them for their intended purpose ...meaning that you shouldn't get one thinking that you're getting a thickness planer and a sander all in one. The size sanders you're looking at remove material very slowly and are good for doing your own veneers, sanding small pieces like edge banding or inlays material, and leveling off small table top type glue-ups. I picked up an older Ryobi 16/32, which isn't as nice as the Performax or Delta, but for the price I couldn't resist!

      The diff between the two models you mentioned is that with hte Performax the sanding head moves up and down to adjust the depth of cut (depth of sand doesn't sound right) and the Delta moves the feed belt assembly up and down instead.

      check the forums for more in depth info...