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Help with new MS1290LZA 12" Compound Miter Saw

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  • Help with new MS1290LZA 12" Compound Miter Saw

    Brand new, purchased today. I'm having two issues that someone may be able to help with.

    If I square the fence to the blade, then when the saw slides, it slides at an angle. Example, Saw pull all the way out, square fence with blade with a known good square, leave the square where it is, then Slide saw all the way back and the saw is now 3/16" away from the square. If I had to sacrifice and live with it, I rather the blade slide 90 deg. to the fence, it will just leave a wider cut since the blade is at an angle, but that won't be real cool for trim work.

    If I adjust the fence where the slide tracks at 90 degrees to the fence, then the blade is at an angle, almost like the blade spindle is not square with the slides.

    Problem 2, no matter how tight I adjust the bevel lock lever, I can easily move the angle of the bevel. I see the cam lever pushing the plunger down and the aluminum arm is going down, but there is hardly any resistance. It surely doesn't lock. Maybe someone greased the wrong parts?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    I think I have it all lined out. Every setting on this saw was way off so I went thru it all from scratch.

    The Bevel lock was as suspected, the Bevel pivot was greased up where the friction brake rides so removing the friction lock and cleaning it with brake clean then lightly sanding the friction foot fixed the locking issue.

    The rest of it was just aligning everything. I ended up using a digital protractor to get everything set, evidently both framing squares are not very square.
    I calibrated the protractor and squared the fence to the blade and it appears to track much better. Not perfect, but close enough for me I believe.



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      Personally, I’m impressed that you took the initiative to deal with the bevel lock and the alignment issue on your own.

      There have been a number of postings on this forum from guys who have had factory issues with new Ridgid tools. Their comments have been something along these lines –
      “I had to return the tool. Ridgid tools are crap. I’ll never buy another Ridgid tool.”

      I suppose their conclusion is that only Ridgid ships an occasional tool with factory mis-adjustments or material defects. My track record with Ridgid tools is as good as with my Hilti, Bosch, and DeWalt tools. In fact, I purchased and exchanged a DeWalt pressure-washer just last week because it had 3 separate factory issues. Still, my next pressure-washer will be a DeWalt.

      My purchases are tied to tool brands that have a HISTORY of producing quality tools. I don’t have any expectation that their tools will always be perfect. As hard as I try, I can’t realistically set the same standard for my own work.