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Brandman - orbital jig saw question

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  • Brandman - orbital jig saw question


    I recently purchased the R3120 orbital jig saw. Great tool. My question is about the feature described in the user manual (3rd note on page 11):

    Note: If you desire not to use the variable speed control
    selector,turn it to Setting 6.This will allow the speed of the
    saw to be controlled by the amount of switch trigger

    I have tried this feature and all setting 6 does for me is set the saw to the fastest speed...I have tried depressing the trigger slowly - no speed variance occurs.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this simply a misprint in the manual?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
    Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!

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    Strange feature? Mine works as stated in the manual only when cutting. When I try it in the air setting 6 is all or nothing. It seems to have the ability to recognize if there is resistance.
    Or maybe I've been breathing too much dust and it's affecting my judgement.
    Aside from that the saw works nicely.


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      Thanks for the feedback, Rafael. I wondered if it was something like that - seemed to be easier to ask than to actually try it myself. Tonight, I will see if I can 'variable-speed' thru some wood instead of just air.
      Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!


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        I must have been breathing too much dust, the variable speed feature does not work.
        Can we have a response from someone at Ridgid?


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          I tried mine. It works as described in this thread in all speed settings. However, the speed is continuously adjustable over the whole range. To "jog" the saw, just turn down the speed and bump the trigger.

          This is not necessarily a bad thing. On stand-alone scroll saws, the speed is not variable with the foot pedal. This is to lessen fatigue and chance of "surprises" for the scroller.

          I understand that most of the RIDGID is interested in customer feedback. Perhaps they'll give us an updated manual or re-release the tool when it's working as the manual says.