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    Does anyone here use the Ridgid MS1290LS (12" slide saw)? Especially any professionals? I am seriously considering to purchase one very soon, but would like to know how it compares to the Dewalt in the field, or over time. Any reviews available online would also be appreciated. I am very concerned about it being built by Ryobi!
    thanks, Dimitri.

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    The MS1290LS is a monster of a SCMS and I wouldn't want to have to haul it from job to job unless I had a mobile shop to work out of. Performance wise it seems to receive good reviews and I haven't heard a whole lot negative about it if you don't consider the laser. You might want to take a look at the Makita LS1013 SCMS. Its cutting capacities are very close to alot of 12" SCMS's and you'll save yourself about $100. They don't have them all the time but occasionally Harbor Freight has refurbished LS1013's for sale for around $380.
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      Thanks for the reply.
      Right now H.D. has the ms1290lz for $547.00.
      They are offering 10% off any Ridgid purchase if you open a commercial account. They are also giving a $100.00 gift card when you purchase this saw. 10% is about $55.00 plus the $100.00 gift card puts that saw at about 392.00. I took the plunge today and did it. Also got 10% off of the Ridgid MSUV saw stand as well. Total package at about $575.00 plus tax. My old chop saw is 16 years old and I've really felt like it was a good opportunity to snag a new one. I have a project comming up where the homeowner has the Dewalt 12" scms mounted on the Ridgid stand, so I will be able to use both saws side by side for a couple of days. I will post my opinions everywhere possible.
      I hope that I will still want to keep my new Ridgid after the comparison!



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        Congrats on the great deal , a 12" slider AND the MSUV for $575 is truly a worthy gloat. The new MSUV's haven't made it to the local HD's here yet. Do you know, is it just a color change or have there been some design changes?
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Just walking past the new MSUV's it looks like it is only a color change, I haven't had the chance to stop and kick the tires on it yet.


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            The msuv is heavy, but has some great wheels on it. The tires are solid, but kinda cushy, like a pnuematic tire. They are very tall, have good BEARINGS, and roll really well over most terrain. It is heavy though, especially together with the saw. I can load them in and out of the truck without strainig, so not a deal killer. When you consider what you have with the pair though, it is about what you would expect. Maybe they could made it out of 100% aluminum.
            Oh yea, they also GAVE me a 2.5hp, 7 amp 6gal. shop vac for FREE when I opened the account. ($39.95)

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              This is the first follow up on the MS1290LZ that I now own.
              Out of the box it needed adjusting to put it where it belongs...dead on. I don't know if the other brands require this, but this one certainly did.
              The bevel needed adjusting to 90 deg.(vertical) and adjusting on the pivoting action (was too tight).
              The slide tubes needed adjustment, too much vertical play.
              The miter was dead on out of the box.
              The instuctions were pretty clear on how to make all the necessary adjustments.
              I start a job next week were I will be able to side by side compare with the Dewalt 12" slider, and will post my opinions.


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                These are the results of the side by side comparison with the Dewalt 12"csms.
                The job was several arched cased openings and arched windows with casing and returns.
                Here is what I determined...
                -the dewalt needed calibration on the bevel and the slider tubes (as did my ridgid out of the box).
                -Dewalt has no preset stops on the bevel, Ridgid does.
                -The Dewalt preset stops on the mitre table will "suck" the table into them when it is close,(example: you cannot get 31 degs. or 32 degs. because the preset stop at 31.6 degs. will override and "suck" it in to 31.6) This in my opinion really "sucks".(humour intended)
                -The ridged has a much larger table than the dewalt. That larger table was a definite advantage on this particular job as follows:
                All the arched returns and casing pieces needed to be cut to fit. Since you cant place a curved piece of trim squarely against a square fence, you must scribe a template outline on the saws table with a pencil in order to keep your cuts consistent. The larger table provided a longer template to align the trim with.
                -The table on the dewalt will rotate past all of the preset mitre stops without the release being pressed. Once it is actually in the preset stop, it will stay there, but when the released is momentarily actuated to rotate the table to a new position, it will continue to rotate to the furthest possible range of its travel without the release being operated throughout the movement. This was not necassarily a bad thing, though
                the ridgid has a much smoother and deliberate miter adjustment mechanism.
                -The Dewalt saw was noticably lighter, which is a good thing. Dewalt had no trigger safety on on-off switch, This was not necassarily a bad thing.
                - The dewalt had less depth of cut, which equates to less cutting capacity on wide boards.
                -The Dewalt does have a better depth of cut adjustment, though thats not a adjustment that I personally would use much.
                -On both the passive dust collection was useless.
                -The Dewalt does not have a laser. Now previously I had thought that a laser was cheesey crap, but on this job I started to appreciate its ability to properly align the blade with the cut to be made before the blade came into contact with the trim piece.After realizing this, and becoming accustomed to it, I noticed that it took more time and concentration to align the blade to the cut to be made on the trim piece when using the Dewalt. RIDGID PAY ATTENTION: I do wish that the Ridged had a laser on both sides of the blade, this would be a low cost imporvement.
                Both saws were (and still are) mounted on the Ridged mobile miter saw stand, (which I can only say good things about).

                Both saws are a pleasure to use, though I am glad that I chose the Ridgid over the Dewalt this time.
                You may want to check out:

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