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  • Best Everything Bit Kit

    What's everybodies favorite "everything" drill bit kit?

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    Last weekend, I bought the 14.4 volt cordless Ridgid drill, during the 20% special at HD.

    Then, for Christmas, my father-in-law bought me the best bit kit I've ever seen: 100 piece set, in high impact plastic case, and the brand???

    Yup, it's DeWalt! Really great kit, with phillips and straight bits, and square drive, and drywall dimplers and 1/4 inch and 3/8 sockets and adaptors and a bunch of drill bits.

    With my Ridgid drill and my DeWalt bit set, I'm ready for anything.


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      I bought a Black and Decker 146 peice, mostly for all of the screw bits that came with it (96) when i was playing with one of the drill bits i was trying to put it back in the case.. well it snapped in half and flew wildly into some dark corner. fortunatly it missed my eye so i was happy about that, but hey what do you expect from B+D, thats why i bought a 21 pc drill peice set from dewalt...