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  • What a deal!!!!!

    Just went to my local liquidation world and discovered that they had purchased an insurance claim of Ridgid tools from Louisiana, salvaged from a flooded home depot, everything brand new in boxes. You want it they had it, vacuums, compressors, 4 peice cordless kits, everything. Now for the kicker....the prices, I figure 50% off the regular price at my Home Depot. I picked up a 5" orbital sander for $30, a 10" compound mitre saw for $140 and a tool bag for $11.50, but the real deals were the 4.5 gallon air compressors for $90 and the portable table saws for $180. No word of a lie, I just can't beleive the didn't research the prices before selling the stuff, oh well, good deals to be had.

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    oh yeah and these prices were in Canadian dollars.


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      I hope these tools work out well for you. If these tools were submerged and only air dried watch for electrical problems. I would wear insulated gloves for the first little while when using them.

      I wonder if Home Depot was reimbursed for their loss and still sold them to a liquidator, thats fraud if they did.
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        I think the way this salvage business works is if a store had a fire,flood,etc. these salvage business' come and bid on the entire stock , from the insurance broker. Then they put the merchandise in their store and sell it. Home depot would make an insurance claim for their losses so they are out of the picture, again, I think that's the way it works. These salvage stores are doing well (food, clothing,and every other type of merchadise) I remember going into one here on the Gulf Coast called Hudsons and seeing about 100 different size Yamaha outboard motors, brand new that they got from a trucking company.A truck hauling them turned over and some were damaged more than others but some just had cosmetic dents/scratches.Prices were very low.This store sells everything from food, to hardware. It just depends on what they find.The stock changes every week.You can find some great deals but you have to know what the stuff you are looking for sells new and compare.I know that Katrina hit our area real hard and the New Orleans area got lots of water,now how much is hard to say but I'm guessing that the stuff that was salvageable was not under water, just in the store and there is some law that does not allow the business to sell any of that merchandise as "new". I'm talking about the deal the guy got in Canada here from Home depot stock.


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          You are probably correct. There is a lot of fraud being committed right now with regards to relief efforts and what I was reading last night regarding such contributed to my concerns about Home Depot. We all know that Home Depot would never ever try to make a fast buck off of a hurricane.
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            From what the store manager told me it was only the stock above the 5' water line inside the store. None of the boxes had water damage.


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              Plumber, you really sound like you know what you're talking about. So how long have you been involved with HD?

              Home Depot has spent more money on the releif effort than any other major retailer. We have sent employees down to hurricane areas that have worked anywhere from 85 to 95 hours in a week. They have done everything they can do to try to curb the price gouging on lumber and supplies that happened During hurricane Andrew. We have been there since day one trying to help with whatever we could. I spent a week in Baumont working 85 hours to help not just the customers but also the employees that lost everything they owned.
              Just because the government screwed the relief effort up this time doesn't mean everyone did. Companies like HD, Lowes, Walmart, and many others have been down there doing everything possible to help these people get their lives back.
              But you go on thinking what you want.


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                You are right cujOHD,

                Home Depot is an angel amoung corporations. There is not a soul in the entire operation who has ever had an impure thought. As a matter of fact the salesperson who was so terribly rude to me Saturday afternoon was probably an apperition and not really from Home Depot.

                There is a lot of shennanigins going on in regards to hurricane damaged merchandise. I simply suggest everyone be very careful with anything they buy from that arena. Not every salvager is honest (and yes not all of them are crooked).
                Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.