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drill position on torque control knob?

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  • drill position on torque control knob?

    OK, I wound up buying a R82001 12V cordless Ridgid drill. I'm confused about something though. In the manual, it mentions that I can put the drill's torque control knob to the "drill" position (indicated by a little picture of a drill bit). However, I can't seem to turn the knob to that position! The best I can do is turn to the little hashmark line that's just to the right of the number "22". Alternatively, if I try twisting the control knob the other way, I can get to the hashmark just to the left of the "2", but no further.

    Am I nuts? Or am I missing something here?


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    That little picture of the drill bit is only different from, say, position 20, in that it signifies the drill's maximum torque setting; the drill behaves no differently otherwise. That you can't quite click it over to that 'drill bit' is just a minor design issue. Don't stress it.


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      Actually, I called the customer service number, and she said that I should be able to force it to go to that drill bit position. I tried it, and sure enough, with a great deal of effort on my part, I was able to click it into position directly over the picture of the drill bit. It was a pain though. I wonder how many rpms difference there is between the drill bit position and the position immediately to the drill bit picture's left? If it's not much, I'll just settle for that (easier). But it'd just be nice to know if getting all the way to that drill bit position makes any kind of difference in rpms or whathaveyou.


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        Again, a helpful reply from Ridgid online customer service! [img]smile.gif[/img] Good to know this:

        "Yes, that is normal. The first few times it is put in drill mode will be tight. Once it gets broken in, it will be a little easier.

        The internal shaft and clutch will not give or slip in the drill mode. In any other setting the clutch will give or ratchet, if maxed out."