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    Did anyone else buy the RS221 Combo kit to get the free cordless jigsaw? Did you ever get it? Its been 3 freaking months and no Jig. I really need the damn thing and many times almost bought the corded one, but am hopeful ridgid will do the right thing and follow through. There customer service hours suck and email support is evasive. I mailed them the UPC's and the original receipt and all I get is the run around. I love the products, but there starting to get a little quarkie here and there and service is going to be needed soon. They dont have a service center around yet so home depot said they would just give me a new kit. Funny I got a couple of Dewalt Service Centers and Porter Cable not to Far and I now a Bosche Distributor that lives local but no Ridgid.

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    I got my jigsaw and the the battery the same day in about 3 to 4 weeks, now I have been waiting for that life time warrenty promo comforation I sent for 2 month's ago. aint heard from them yet.
    Be safe out there folks
    Bob B