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    As a do it your-selfer, I selected the newer model Ridgid Round head nail gun R350RHA. I was interest in a nailer that could handle a nail size up to 3 1/2 inch with a shank size of .162(16d.) I had narrowed down the selection to the Hitachi and Senco 752XP. After spoting the Ridgid at a HomeDepot display, it seemed to have a lot of good features, both saftey, and novice options. I understand Senco is probably a very heavy duty cycle tool for the professionals, yet I am hoping that with the added benefit of the Lifetime warranty for parts on the Ridgid will get me through my light building and remodel jobs around the house.

    Would be nice to hear from other owners of this model Ridgid R350RHA who can compare it to other brands they own or use.

    (I am not a contractor, nor do I work for HomeDepot or Ridgid. This is my first pneumatic nail gun purchase.)

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    The Ridgid nailers have only been around for a month or so. I hope someone can provide you with a comparison to other brands but it might be a little early yet for that.
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