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    Ok I'm interested to know if the older nicad battery tools will work with the lithium ion batteries?What about the older charger?I have some of the older 18 volt tools.I have 3 batteries of which only one will take charge now.Don't know if I should by new nicad battery or lithium ion or get my old ones rebuilt.Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    All 18volt tools will work with any of the 18volt batteries.
    Going from Ni-cad batteries to Lithium-ion batteries is an excellent move.
    You will find they run longer, weigh less, charge faster, and provide more power!

    Be careful though, with respect to chargers. Unless your charger says multi-chemistry
    or Lithium-ion DO NOT use it on a Lithium-ion battery.

    The Ridgid 5th generation charger can be found for under fifty dollars on E-bay.
    All newer chargers will charge Ni-cad batteries.

    Cactus Man