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  • Flashlights?

    Just curious as to recommendations on flashlights. They seem to change all the time.

    Looking for midrange handhelds & headlamps. I prefer a balance of efficiency, candlepower, and durability.

    Any particular model and brand?

    P.S. Not interested in anything Maglite produces.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Coast HL27, check it out on YouTube. I've had mine a couple of months and it is very impressive. Three AA batteries (primary or rechargeables) provide plenty of runtime for this headlamp. focus control and infinite brightness contol right up front allow for up close work or lighting an entire backyard! I'm serious it is bright enough when necessary to light up a huge area in darkness.


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      Thanks Frank Just ordered it on Amazon prime $47.99 no shipping

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    Thanks Franki. I will look into it.


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      Milwaukee's M12 LED flashlight is my favorite.
      Since I already had a wide array of other M12
      cordless tools, it just made sense. Regardless
      of brand, rechargeable LED is the way to go, IMO.
      I also like the wicked flashlight app on my new
      cell phone.


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        The Dewalt 12v and 20v flashlights work great
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          Starting as Little Boys, Us Guys love flashlights. The ultimate for me is the 4 5/8" coast PX25 . It takes 3 AAA batteries and is super bright.On My belt 7 days a week! Around $39.00 at OSH . Went through a whole wash in the Wash machine with no problems. I own 3
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            Check out the "Fenix flashlight" product line. To some expensive but
            truly high quality and reliability.
            They offer a variety of lights and batteries used [cr123, AA, 18650].

            Also when you do go to
            lithium-ion 18650 batteries check out the XTAR XP2 charger [$50.00]
            it's the best charger to date!

            Visit candle and read the various reviews of quality and
            cheap LED flashlights. WARNING it can be overwhelming!
            "HJK" has excellent flashlight, battery, and charger, reviews.

            Personally..I do have the Ridgid line of flashlights:
            I have their original 18v unit modified using a large LED lamp,
            Their single LED flashlight [2nd generation], and their CFL flashlight.

            I have two Fenix flashlights....the tk11 [my first] about 220 lumens, Then their tk35
            older model about 750 lumens ...they run a long while and work well.

            I also have modified my Maglite flashlights to LEDs the 3 D cell unit and a number of AA units
            with excellent results. For example the AA flashlight now has 150 lumens and runs for hours!

            On E-bay you will see "ultrafire" flashlights. To the true flashaholic they are junk!
            However I have one that claims 500 lumens and it has yet to fail!
            I also have an adjustable model that changes the beam shape.

            I do not have any headlamps but again, Fenix will meet your needs

            LED flashlights and headlamps have come a long way. If you have not looked at them
            for a few years you'll truly be wowed at the leaps in LED lighting technology.

            Cactus Man

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              Cactus Man, I'm a "Flashaholic" but feel some of them folks can be snobs. I have been EDCing Ultrafires for years without a problem. I would not say they are better made than Fenix, or some of the other top brands but they have their place. Lithiums such as the ones you mentioned provide plenty of power and runtime to these hungry LED's. I bought a Nitecore i4 intellicharger and it was a piece of junk, breaking within a couple months. I'm going to check out the charger in your post, thanks. Frank


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                I agree with you regarding the Ultrafire brand...Many folks cringe when you say
                you're using their 3000ma 18650 batteries....I have been using them for 5 years
                without incident. I also have no complaints with my Ultrafire flashlights. However, with Ultrafire and all the Chinese vendors you never know what quality
                you'll receive.

                You must understand Ultrafire to Fenix is like a VW bug to a Cadillac!
                Both will get you there but......

                The XTAR XP and XP2 chargers are excellent. I have the first generation XP.
                Read HJK's reviews on candle power

                Cactus Man

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              These are inexpensive and good:

              Craftsman NEXTEC 12 volt LED Worklight

              I've had this for over two years, works in tight places, under sinks and the charge lasts for five hours.
              Really bright for it's size.

    ;blockType=G 6

              Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC 12.0V Lithium-Ion

              You can get a small drill that I use often. Amazingly handy and more spunk than you would think.



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                Thanks all. Good recommendations.


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                  I like the Headlamps Black Diamond sells, they have a couple models. Mine has adjustable light output which I like as well as other features. I don't have call to use the red night vision saving light butnits there also.
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