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    Im looking to buy a jig saw and I'm not sure which one to spend my money on?? I've looked at the DW321 from dewalt and was impressed with all the nice features. Not afraid to spend some mone!!! Give me any feed back out there! THANKS

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    Every tool mfg. has at least one tool that shall we say doesn't shine too bright. For DeWalt it seems to be their jigsaws. I've seen very few positive comments about either of the DeWalt models. JMHO though.

    The Freud FJ85 has given me great service in the couple of years I've had it. You can usually find it for about $100 and I'd put it up against many, and that includes Bosch, that sell in the $150-$170 range. The Freud also has all the features offered by most other mfgs. and in some cases more. My blade of choice for use in my Freud jigsaw is the Bosch Series T234 Progressor Blade. Their awsome!

    One thing about a jigsaw that is often overlooked is how a particular model fits your hand. If at all possible, test drive or at least hold a few different brands to see which feels the most comfortable to you.
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      The flip side of what Dave just said is that many manufacturers have a tool that seems to be their "flagship". The Bosch jigsaws seem to fit into that category. Bosch claims to have invented the jig saw (we used to call them saber saws- jig saws were what we now call scroll saws), and they've had a really nice model out for a couple of years. They now have a new model that's just getting into HD and Lowe's- it's about $30 more than the previous one. They both look nice- I wouldn't hesitate picking up the earlier model, especially if it goes on special. Milwaukee also has a very nice jig saw, with a high amp rating. Like Dave said- get the feel of a few- I've seen that Freud that he mentioned, and for the money, you can't beat it, but I've seen the Milwaukee on special for $100, and the Bosch on close-out would be a good choice, too. Let us know what you decide on- I need to get one, too!


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        If money is not an option and you are looking for the best quality tools, look at Festool jigsaws. Made in Germany.

        I have had the opportunity to use them and the provide sufficient power for any application, the most comfortable ergonomic design and are among the most reliable brand out there with their superior build quality.

        These tools might be in the upper end of the price scale but their quality is unmatchable.


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          I will put my vote in for the Ridgid R3120. It is an excellent saw and is made in Germany as well. A close look and it has similarities to the Festool mentioned above, maybe same assembly line? The R3120 has more power than most will ever need ( 720 Watts) It cuts at 90 (or what ever angle you set it at) in thick stock. The saw has very little vibration and has 5 orbital settings ( most of any current saw ) to match cutting aggression with the material


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            For my money, I purchased the Bostich jig saw ($139.00). Probably the top of the line (IMHO). I spoke with numerous construction contractors and they all said that hands down, they all liked the Bostich the best.

            I would highly recommend this jig saw. Performs like no other that I have ever used. I think that you would be very satisfied.


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              While I'm happy with my PC, I've also heard too many good comments about the Bosch not to consider it. You can also eliminate a lot of brands simply by price----I would never again touch one that was below $100. Cheap jig saws are simply not worth it, as to handling, reliability and overall accuracy. Also, having a saw that takes the Bosch blades, whatever brand you buy----well, they're the second component to a good saw.

              As to handle style, I think you will find you'll get better control with the typical handle than one where you grip the body of the saw. Optimum hand grip strength and control is where the handle is between 1 1/2 and 3 inches in diameter.


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                I meant to say Bosch jig saw, not Bostich. Sorry for the confusion.



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                  The Ridgid was not out when I bought mine. After going through two cheap ones I bought the Bosch and it is a very good jig saw. lasted longer the the other two together.


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                    I own the Milwaukee Orbital and it is an AWESOME jigsaw
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                      Ditto on the Bosch...I just recently bought the Bosch and am very impressed...very smooth operating jig saw and the T-Blades are most awesome...I compared it to the Ridgid, but the Bosch just felt better in my hands and it also felt more solidly build IMO...