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  • jig saw tracking

    what causes a jig saw to not cut straight and how do you correct it other than getting a new operator.

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    A poorly designed and manufactured jigsaw will not cut properly even in the hands of an experienced craftsman/woodworker. If you're using a high quality saw, one of the most common reasons for a crooked cut is stearing the saw. Too much forward or sideways pressure on the saw can cause the saw to stray. Let the saw do the work and apply just enough pressure to guide it. Another reason your saw could be wandering is your choice of blades. The best blade I've found is the Bosch Series T234 Progressor Blade. Kinda pricey but well worth it.
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      I agree with Badger, the bosch blade seems to help with making a straight cut. Combined with the bosch jigsaw, it is a very easy saw to cut straight with. I haven't tried the bosch blade in another saw, but I've used other blades in the bosch, and the bosch blade is noticably the best.
      However, I have found the ridgid jigsaw to cut much faster, but it is much harder to cut straight with the ridgid. I do not know if a bosch blade will help this since I did not try it. The blade that comes with the ridgid seems to bend easier than the bosch, this might have something to do with it.
      The bosch blade is kinda pricey, but all it takes is one mistake to make you wish you paid for a bosch. Also cheap blades break easier and can therefore injure you easier.