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R4331 Planer Feed Stutter

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    Hi, the original poster's bearings showed some wear. My bearings are like new. I think his bearings may not have been the cause of the stuttering. I have purchased replacement bearings, but I cannot tell the new ones from the old ones. Thanks


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      I think i had the same issue.

      Planer started making a knocking noise where the infeed rollers would hesitate in sync with each knock. Didn't get very far with Rigid or HD so I pulled it apart myself. I took off the left hand side panel to expose the chains that drive the rollers and saw that the chain running from the gear to the rear roller was the cause of the noise - it was hopping off the sprocket about once a second.

      I spent a couple hours trying to get the chains tight enough to prevent the skipping with limited success before i realized that while the rear roller would spin freely with the chain removed, the front roller would not turn by hand. I took out the roller and found the right side bearing was stuck hard to the roller - needed a wrench to break it loose. sprayed all the bearings with some lithium grease and put it back together - success, no more stutter - for now anyway.

      Curious to know from those who may have taken theirs apart - do the chains seem quite loose to you? i'm wondering if mine got stretched from all the chain hopping.....


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        My chains are loose but they are not hopping off the sprockets. With the chains off the rear roller does turn freely but the front roller does not. I changed bearings and used lithium grease, even though the old bearings showed no wear. I flipped the blades exposing new blade surfaces. I waxed the feed surfaces (automotive paste wax). And now planer is working fine. After more research on planer stuttering, slipping or jerking motion, I have come to the conclusion that the waxing was very important. See discussion at thanks


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          I know this post if old, but thought it may help somebody else. I ran into a skipping problem today for the first time (Ive had the planer for about 2 yrs and plane a lot of White Oak and Hickory). My planer seems to vibrate pretty terribly and nearly every screw on this thing comes loose or off (just replaced the fan which got torn apart by a screw that got loose). I pulled the housing off and found a screw laying in the tray underneath the roller sprockets as well as every screw holding the gear box together being loose. Apparently the skipping was just due to the gears slipping because all my screws were loose Tightened everything up and purrs like a kitten again, may consider some loctite in the future.


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            I know this thread is old, but I had the same issue with the intermittent skipping or stuttering and imperfection caused by the problem. After trying to clean and wax, it still had the problem. The planer ran fine when not feeding a board which made me think the gears and drive chains were fine. THEN I finally pulled the cover off and realized one of the drive chains had links that were so tight they wouldn?t move properly, causing it to slip on the gear when feeding a board. I took it off, cleaned it and figured out how to loosen stuck chain links by googling it (basically bend it side to side at stuck link). Also tightened loose screws holding the gear box, and the problem was solved. I hope that helps others with a similar issue, there is not much info out there regarding this problem.