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10” SCMS – Bosch 4410 or Makita LS1013

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  • 10” SCMS – Bosch 4410 or Makita LS1013

    I need to pick up a 10” SCMS. I’ve pretty much narrowed my choices to the $529 Bosch 4410 or the $446 Makita LS1013 or LS1013F (the F has a built in fluorescent lite)—prices from Amazon is shipping both the Bosch and Makita for free, there is no sales tax, and there is a $25 instant discount on any tool purchase over $199. So, the effective total prices delivered to my door are $504 for the Bosch and $421 for the Makita

    Makita is currently offering a promotion (appears this promotion will run through the end of the year) for a rebate of a 14.4 cordless drill kit 6228DWE with purchase of a LS1013 or LS1013F. So, everything considered, the Makita is quite a bit cheaper than the Bosch. I don’t really need this drill right now, but it’s still an incentive. As a result, I’m leaning toward the Makita.

    I’ve found this info on 10” SCMS:

    Anyone have any input on the SCMSs or articles. Any other suggestions?

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    I'm more familiar with the Makita than the Bosch so I tend to favor the Makita. My FIL has the Makita and all I can say is it's one sweet machine. The stock blade produces glass smooth cuts which IMHO is yet another savings as you won't have to buy an after market blade. The cutting capacities of the LS1013 also rivals that of many 12" saws. The Makita SCMS consistantly gets top reviews from the mags. but more importantly from actual owners.
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      I don’t think you would make a bad choice by going with either one of those saws, they both boast worthy reputations and they both include a quality blade. I like the idea of the multi-position handle that the Bosch has since I find the horizontal position more comfortable than the vertical only position incorporated in the Makita. My only suggestion would be to try and find some place local that you could actually get your hands on both of them and see which one feels more comfortable to you. If I were in the market for a 10-inch slider, it would also come down to a choice between those two.



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        I have the ls1013 and it is a pleasure to use but under abusive construction site conditions,where people like to overtighten things,do not own the tools they use, and therefore do not generally care about the tools, it may have problems due to the soft metal in the threads and stops. I have had no problems. I think the large table and smoothness of the saw slides and soft start are great. The blade is as good as any. There is almost no start or shut off kick like on my DeWalt 706 CMS which even has a belt to reduce that.
        The Bosch looks like an improved design and I like the taller fences(good if you like to cut crown against the fence) and could be a better overall saw, but the ls1013 will cut as accurate as they get. I have used several other brands but I like the ls1023 the best. I have not tried the new Bosch. The 12" had excessive bearing play in the arbor but they have fixed that. I do not know if the cost is really worth it.

        Now $349 for a RECON

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