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    I have the 12 Gallon Wet/Vac (WD1245) and I'd like to make a central vacuum system in my garage using this unit.

    What I'd like to use the system for is to have vacuum hoses readily available to vacuum out my car (just like they have at the car washes) and have it on both side of the garage for easy access. Also, I'd like to use for collecting some dust when I do a little woodworking on my counter tops.

    But before I jump on this project, I wanted to bounce the idea and design to y'all and get some feed back.

    The total length of 2" PVC piping I'd be running would be about 100 feet.

    My main concern is:

    Would I loose vacuum pressure (suction power) because of the extended pipes??

    OR would the net pressure be the same whether I was using the 7' hose that came with the unit or a pipe that ran a total of 100 feet throughout the garage??

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    I don't think the pressure drop(or increase in this case, we're talking vaccum) would be that great.

    I have a central vac syystem in my house and it has over 200 ft of 2" pipe running around to various places.

    Actually, you might want to use the pipe designed for central vac units, or at least the ports, they have spring loaded flaps that seal off each port. Most have a set of contacts that are wired back to the vac to start/stop the vac when you plug in your hose to that port.

    NuTone is one manufacturer I can think of off-hand, there are others. buying just the doors won't set you back too much, then use PCV DWV fittings and position them with the flow from the port(s) back towards the vac.