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ts3650 racket when starting

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  • ts3650 racket when starting

    I just finished putting my new TS3650 together, and decided to test it out. Each time I flip on the power switch there is a loud racket/bang (I'm guessing when the belt engages it jerks the motor mount or something) and then after it has engaged the blade spins really quietly. Have I done something wrong on the install? or is this loud start up noise something inherent with the belt drive system? or all table saws in general?

    Thanks in advance


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    Sounds like you need to adjust the motor location to make sure that the pulleys are in alignment. If you look at the motor mounting plate, you'll see that it can be adjusted horizontally by loosening two bolts then sliding the motor to the proper position.

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      As near as I can tell, the pulleys are in alignment. I loosened the 4 screws on the mounting plate, and pushed the motor over as far as i could and retightened them, they look to be pretty much dead on (As far as my eye and straighedge could tell.

      Like I said, once that initial kick and bang has happened it doesnt seem to have any problems cutting or anything. I'm just worried that its not supposed to do that.


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        Ok, I figured it out.

        So I put the ts350 together last weekend, and have finally had a chance to get out there to iron out any bugs. Well according to the instruction manual, at 0° bevel, and completely down, you should be able to "Place your hand around the belt halfway between the two pulleys and squeeze the belt until the two sides of the belt touch. The motor should move freely as you aqueeze the belt."

        So that was the setting I used. I realized when i checked the max height of the blade that the belt was pulled taut, so i assumed if the belt was raised for regular cuts (say 1-1.5 inches) the belt would be taut.

        Well, the belt tightens, but not nearly enough, when the initial tension hits the belt it slaps it into the belt guard repeatedly until hte torque has evened out. So my bang/rattle/noise at start up was fixed by moving the motor away from the blade pulley and making sure that the belt was taut enough at my normal cuts (again 1-1.5 inches), that it would not slap the belt guard upon startup.

        Now everything is running smoothly. [img]smile.gif[/img] Now I just need to build some shelves for the garage to make room for my table saw so I can acutally get some work done [img]smile.gif[/img]