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  • WOW, An eye opening site here

    I came here to read about Rigid Tools since I wasd interested in buying a Rigid Table Saw. In looking around at all the posts, I see that Rigid is falling off in quality.
    As a former employee of Hunter Fan, I can tell you first hand how pushy Home Depot can be to a vendor. They used to insist that each time a new store would open, they got the first few initial trukloads of Hunter Fans free...
    They try to control every aspect of every vendor. Pretty soon, all the products in HD will be just bland orange since they will push out all other.
    Two summer's ago, I went to HD and purchased Ryobi Weedeater because it was the "Flavor" of the month at HD. Now you try to find any accessories to go with your Ryobi at HD not a chance...HD had kicked them out for not playing ball their way.
    I own two Rigid tools-Chop Saw ands Drill Press, I was going to get a table saw but sith service center issues, I am sticking with Delta/Porter Cable as I have always done.

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    Well, look out buddy. 'Cause Delta/Porter-Cable was just sold to the Black&Decker/Dewalt. Expect service and support problems with those too for some time as the lines transition ownership and probably a whole different support system. Also, expect some items to vanish from the line of products.


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      I see that Delta/PC are now switching hands. Interesting all the changes in this business. I won't bash Rigid since I do own their chop saw and 15" Floor Drill Press. I get great service from those two tools. Maybe I will give Rigid another look in the table saw dept. I just hate dealing with HD now.


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        I was just visiting a wholesaler who deals with HD and you didn't need to be Dr. Phil to tell they weren't happy about it.

        A couple of months ago, I had a HD gift card, received on my birthday. Since I had some home projects, went in to kill two birds, since I'd exhausted my tool needs at their Dec. 25% off sale in Dec. (the last time I was there). Couldn't believe that, for any single need, they only carried one brand of each---one brand of water filters---one brand of deck finishes, etc. I gave up and spent my money on some sandpaper and a box of dust masks (only one brand on either of these as well). You're probably right about them getting rid of other brands of tools as well.

        As to table saws----take a look at the new Griz' contractors' saw ($597) as well as the General International. Both have additional features and both support you with accessories, unlike Ridgid's lack of zc/dado inserts or riser blocks.


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          When you have the buying power of HD, you can really accomplish some amazing things. They are cutting out choices and choices are what the consumers like....reminds of the scene in the Movie Joe Dirt where he's telling Kikenwing(The Indian Tracker)..."it aint about what you like. It's about what the consumer likes" Reference Snakes and Sparklers [img]smile.gif[/img]
          You go to Lowes and you get an unbiased opinion about every item especially power tools. As a vendor and customer service rep for Hunter, I can tell you that our management at the time was fully prepared to bend over and take it in the tailpipe because of the sheer volume involved.

          I don't know about many other towns but HD ran many of the other chain and mom & pop stores out of business like HQ, Central Hardware, Ace. I know it's good for business to have competition, but there are getting to be no choices anymore. Sorry to sound off....just really not a HD lover these days due to some past issues.


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            Well, been married to LOML too long----she's turned me into a comparrison shopper and if there's nothing to compare-----well. Good part is, I can pretty well get away with buying tools I want as long as they're on sale.

            We live in the north coast above San Francisco. There are two local chain home improvement store still going strong despite two HDs. One stores tool sales are better than HD and then I comparred their wood trim prices and they beat HD again, with better grade of material. Same on doors.

            BTW---have Hunter fans all over the house----mounting them using those threaded/expandable thingies is a roaring pain (not your design fault), but once they're up---really great.


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              Hey Dave,
              Are you referring to Down Rod on your fans? I have volumes of useless fan knowledge stuck in my brain.
              Here's a few:
              For a ceiling 8 feet in height, you should use a 6" downrod to put your ceiling fan at optimal cooling and air circulation range.
              9" Ceiling Height=12" downrod
              10" Ceiling Height=18"

              For every additional foot of ceiling, add 6" to the length of down rod.

              Fans are excellent year round for heat reclamation since hot air rises, simply reverse the motor to pull heated air back to floor level.

              In Summer, your fan should rotate in the clockwise direction to cool and in winter, counter clockwise for heat reclaimation.

              If you install a Reistat Type wall control(Round knob with no definite click stops) it will cause your fan to have an excessive hum. Why? because the fan motor is power starved thus hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

              Ever smell a rotten chicken or bad fish type odor eminating from near your ceiling fan? If you have a light fixture, remove the globe and replace the rubber bands at the top neck of the glass globe. Manufacturer sometimes gets the chemical compositions in the rubber bands wrong causing them to stink when they get hot.

              Got a ceilig fan that simply hums and wont rotate when powered on? If so, try manually twirling the blades to see if motor will begin turning. Source of the problem is a bad Start Capacitor which is easily replaced.

              If the fan does not hum and does not turn, both the start and run capacitor or pull chain switch may be bad and need replaced.

              If you have high vaulted ceilings say over 18 feet, you will not find a downrod to bring your fan down low enough. Longest length is I believe 60". But there is a remedy, simply go to hardware store and buy 3/4 schedule 40 iron pipe and paint to match your fan. You will have to thread pipe end to mount into ceiling fan motor.

              What should I look for in a ceiling fan? Two things, Check the CFM rating-this is a measurement of how much air the fan will move. There will be 3 speed CFM ratings on the fan box for High, Medium, and Low. Not all fans are the same. Another great determining factor that the lay person may not realize is that the degree of pitch of the blade iron is a BIG factor in air movement. Most cheap import fans like Hampton Bay, etc may only have a 10 degree balde pitch which will provide low performance. Look for a fan with a 12-14 degree pitch. Some manufactures don't advertise blade pitch because they figure the average consumer doesn't need to know...If you check with the fan company's tech support they will tell you degree of pitch of any given fan model.

              If you fan develops a slight wobble, try taking off two fan blades that are side by side and switch their places. Fan blade sets are weight balanced and matched in sets. Never mix up fan blades from different packages or you will have a wobble that will never go away.
              And I have heard many electricians say they simply taped a coin to the back of the blade to balance...DONT DO THIS...DANGEROUS...nothing hurts more than a quarter hitting you at 60 miles an hour. You need to use lead weight with adhesive back.
              See, I have more knowledge of ceiling fans than any man I left Hunter many 5 years ago to pursue another career. Hope somebody gets some useful info from above....even though this is a Rigid Tool Forum.....LOL

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                Originally posted by swhalen:
                ...You go to Lowes and you get an unbiased opinion about every item especially power tools. ...I don't know about many other towns but HD ran many of the other chain and mom & pop stores out of business like HQ, Central Hardware, Ace...
                In my area, I usually have better luck at HD than at Lowes when it comes to knowledge. The Lowes nearest to where I live usually has very young teenagers working during the "home-improvement-months" that do not know anything about the products that they are selling and very clearly do not care to learn. My local HDs have very knowledgeable people that will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

                Also, all of the local HDs in my area beat the crap out of all the local Lowes stores in the quality of their lumber.

                But these kinds of things change from one location of the country to another. Some areas of the country Lowes is better than HD.

                As far as HD running mom & pop stores out of business, that is the way it has always been, unfortunately.

                Wal-Mart was the Big Bad (and still is in many peoples eyes) because the mom & pop, as you pointed out in a roundabout way, can't keep up with the buying power of the big chains. And now HD and Lowes are the Big Bad for killing the local hardware stores.

                The skilled wood craftsman that created by hand the elaborate and beautiful decorative trim inside and outside of homes has all but become extinct having been replace by cheaper and faster production-line milling machines and cast vinyl/plastic/resin/whatever moldings.

                The big three auto makers killed the Tucker automobile, a car way ahead of its time.

                The small neighborhood mechanic has almost completely vanished, unable to keep up with the training and high-tech equipment required to work on today's crap cars.

                Like daveferg said, we too still have other building supply and hardware stores around that are going strong and even have their own window manufacturing facility. But it is rare that I don't go to HD. They have just about everything I could ever want and my local HD's product quality and customer service is top notch.

                My only complaint with these large orange and blue boxes is that they don't cary the full line of all the brands they carry. It would be difficult to do so given that every brand has a duplicate of another brand. That is, every top brand has a 3/8" drill but do you really need to stock every brand's 3/8" drill?

                Oh, and internet-based business are the Big Bad because they are hurting EVERYONE because no one is buying locally and the state and local governments are missing out on that piece of the tax pie..blah, blah, blah. If the local stores want me to shop there, then they need to start carrying what I want. But darn it! They can't keep up with the low overhead and buying power and specialized dealers available on the internet. Why mess with a local store that carries a couple of dozen types of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls when I can go to a company on line and see and order every kind that is in production?

                We have to adapt to changing times. It is part of progress.

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                  Funny thing, Ryobi/HD is sorta what got me hooked on woodworking but at the same time, I never use their products.

                  I bought a Ryobi router/table combo at HD. Went immediately to the Ryboi web site because I wanted to see what sort of accessories were available for my router. They didn't even list it. HD knew next to nothing. I called the one and only service center listed (for all of Texas) on the Ryobi WS, they said they didn't service them anymore, too hard to get parts. They also said buy Makita if you want a good router, which I have. So the Ryobi went back to HD, but I did find the WW forums on the Ryobi site, which got me started down the slippery slope.

                  For a TS, Lowes is now carrying one of the Jet contractor saws, the 10JF(?). Obviously intended to compete with the 3650.


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                    Jet at Lowes?! Wow! I didn't know they were teaming up. That's a great move for Jet (as long as they didn't make the same deal as Ridgid and Lowe's is the only place that will get to sell them. Heehee).