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    I see lots of discussion about the desirability of Ridgid products based on before/after 12/31/03 deadline and gray vs orange color.
    What's the scoop on this date and the difference implied by the color?
    From what I can deduce the difference seems to be that the newer products no longer contain the emerson motor. Is this so?
    I was looking at the TP1300 at our local HD today and they had a new one in the box still wrapped in plastic that comes with the 'limited lifetime warranty' and the emerson motor as well as no payments for a year. I'm giving it some serious thought based on the overall value of machine, extra knives, quick change knife style, stand and dust collection hood. I also once read a good review on it in one of the woodworker mags but can't remember which one or when it was published. Opinions? feedback?

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    If you look for advantages of one machine over another, I'd also consider looking at the Delta 22-580 and DeWalt DW735. Both offer two speeds and other newer features...the TP1300 is a decent machine, but is a couple of years outdated compared to these units. Both the Delta and DeWalt were recently ranked above the Ridgid by Popular WWing. The Delta has been priced very attractively in the past few months (<$300), making it a bonafide bargain.


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      Had a conversation on this exact topic yesterday via e-mail with David Thiel, Senior Editor at PopWW. He agreed that the Ridgid was a well-built unit with good features, but that the Delta, at the newly-reduced prices, was a better value, and the DeWalt was pretty much in a class by itself. You're right about the main difference being the non-Emerson motor on the new TP1300LS unit. If you can get that discontinued Ridgid at a real bargain, it's still a capable machine.


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        Dear Hewood and Brantstx,
        Thank you for your replies. I did not know that the Delta 22-580 had recently been marked down in price. I live in Methuen, Ma (Near NH state line). Where in my area can I find this planer at this marked down price? I have never seen it at HD and the best local woodworking tool store we had was woodworker's warehouse which is out of business.

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          If you don’t mind internet shopping, Amazon currently is selling the 22-580 for $380, subtract $50 rebate from Delta and $25 from Amazon for tool purchase over $200, net price $305 delivered to your door.



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            I've been reading about people getting good deals from Woodworker's Supply also. Others have taken the WWer's Supply or Amazon ads to Lowe's for a price match and done really well.