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    I bought a new 3650 last night. Think I will love it. Yes, I am the one who said I was going some where else after all the Ridgid changes. I compared all brands for quality and price, came up Ridgid. I will have it untill the day I buy a cabinet saw.
    The thing that changed my mind was a service center that told me they work on all Ridgid equip
    and it would not take 6 weeks.
    I already have the Ridgid jointer and mitre saw and they have not needed a service center.
    I am adding a brace on the side for more strengh.
    I got the 10% off and I think it was worth the wait.

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    SCWood, I'm looking at the 3650 as well. Where do I get the 10% coupon? I don't recall seeing in my paper/mail.


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      The 10% thing is an occasional promotion on HD's part. Sometimes regional, sometimes national, they print up a whole bunch of coupons and give them out to employees to distribute to friends and family. It usually runs for a long weekend. The store retains some and collects some unused ones back from employees to have available for walk-in customers who weren't aware of the promotion - they don't always advertise it. It's generally an every-other-month kind of thing, although they did a special one for veterans this month, and my particular store had a second, regular Friends and Family promotion the same month.


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        Just walked outta local HD and guess what - they now have actually accessories for the 3650 stacked up. Only saw inserts - place was packed. Of course the fact we are soon to be getting major snow storm helps......aaaaah. Winter
        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em