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    The arguement holds water for large retailers like Lowe's and HD, but not at all for smaller hardware stores and the like. Choice is good for consumer, but it also makes for more inventory needed at the store level. Ie, instead of having a boxed setup and extra batteries, now you have that exact same box AND 50 to 100 batteries on hand.

    Besides, according to the tool mfgs, a normal battery will onbly last 2 years, so even if you get more in those combo packs, it's likely you'll need to use them.

    Also, your comment about why looking at power tools anyway is no joke. My wife works in the tool corral at HD. She comes home all the time with stories of stupidity. At least when someone grabs a kit now, they have everything they need. Otherwise, you'd get those people who come back to the store all pi$$ed off because they didn't get any batteries with the drill that they paid $140 for.


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      Don't do it! Friends don't let friends buy cordless saws!

      Save your money and your sanity. Cordless saws are designed for one thing: to eat batteries so we all have to come back to the manufacturer and buy more.

      If you must, don't even think about less than 18v. A reciprocating saw, in particular, is a demolition tool and needs lot of amps to do its job. You just can't get there with a cordless. As long as you accept the fact that they're for incidental cuts and not sustained use, go for it. Personally, I'd rather save my batteries to power my drill and impact driver.


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        $199 is not a bad price at all for the RS or the CS, because unlike the Dewalt at the same price, the Ridgid comes with two batteries as opposed to one.