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need some help buying a vac.

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  • need some help buying a vac.

    hello all, i was @ HD today looking at shop vacs. The WD4050 really caught my eye. I really like that it is powerful yet tiny.Does anyone have any input on this vac? Or should i go for a big model?

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    It all depends on your needs. In my opinion, you can't go wrong by buying a larger model. I just bought the 1665. It is 16 gallons with a 6.5 hp motor. This thing will suck the paint off the walls. I use it as dust collection for my shop. This machine also has a detachable leaf blower. I don't know your needs for this tool but can be helpful in the shop as well. The final piece that sold me on this choice is that it came with a stinger vac. This is a small vac that can be easily moved around. think of it as a dust buster in shop vacs.

    I hope this answered any of your questions.



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      I've got the small one and I love it. I never had a problem with its suction power used on my TS and MS. Unless you do lots and lots and lots of work and don't want to empty the vac once a month then the small one should be fine. Infact I just bought a second small one. Now I have one for my TS and one for my MS and BS. Advantage is I don't have to move the vac around and don't have to buy a dust coll. system. At the price they are you can afford to have at least two.
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        With me, a lot would depend on how much the 4050 costs! I have the little $26 Stinger (that yellow and black little vac) and I was quite impressed with it. It's 1-1/2 peak HP, 2 gallon, wet/dry and is also made by Ridgid. Frankly, I bought it last year because it was cheaper than buying a new filter for my old Sears (noisey) shop vac. I was quite impressed with its portability and its suction. It was perfect for quickly taking from room to room as we were working and I was able to use some of the old vacuum hose that I had which provided a longer reach than the all-too-short hose that came with the Stinger. It also works perfectly with my Random Orbit and Finishing sanders. Another advantage to the Stinger is, it takes filter bags (about 3 for $5) which are much more economical than the larger pleated filters. The bag filter also seems to filter finer dust than the standard Ridgid filter. (However, the larger vacs using the pleated-type filter do have a couple of better filters available, include a HEPA for about $30.)

        So, I have no doubt that the 4050 is probably better than the Stinger, if the price is right! I noticed is does have a good accessory package.

        I did buy the larger Ridgid WD1245 12-gal shop vac and it is without doubt the best shop vac I have ever owned. It really will suck the paint off the basement floor and it is quieter than either the old Sears or the Stinger! It sells for about $70 and I was able to get it last Nov or Dec for only $30 or so! (Unbelievable buy.) However, it really is too bulky to move up and down stairs and use with any regularity on those "outside the shop" projects. Also, the larger diameter hose is a little strange if you're used to the 1-1/4 hoses that are more the standard on household or smaller vacuums. The big hose and larger capacity shop vacs are perfect for cleaning up the output from my Radial Arm saw and doing larger-size debris clean-up. But the smaller vacs are, at least to me, preferable for general sawdust, benchtop, and around the house project clean-ups.

        Hope this helps,