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Hammerdrill pulse mode?

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  • Hammerdrill pulse mode?

    Hi everyone. I've recently purchased Ridgid 4.5" grinder, 5 " orbital sander, jig saw. All seem wonderful!
    I am considering buying a Hammerdrill, what is the pulse mode like? Is it like an impact driver?
    How does Ridgid hammerdrill compare to others, Bosch, etc.
    Oh, I am talking about a corded hammerdrill.

    ok thanks alot, Steve

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    The pulse they are talking about is the same function that everyone else calls a hammer function. To be honest with can not go wrong with the bosch...but the DeWalt is pretty good too.


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      So I went out and bought the Ridgid. Haven't used it yet 'cept in the living room, playing with it and drilling 1/2 way through a piece of porcelain tile laid on the carpet, i just couldn't wait!!!

      The "Pulse Mode" seems to be just what Ridgid says it is "for driving screw with damaged heads and for recentering bit on hard, smooth surfaces". When in pulse mode when the trigger is pulled the chuck is powered for like approximately 1/2 a turn or so, a "pulse" of electricity is sent. Could be incredibly useful for doing what they say, ie" damaged screws, also i think maybe it'll work great for driving screws into old hard wood, albeit with some patience, I'll find out!

      Hey Bo, I'm not intending to scold you, as I see you make contributions to this forum, but if you don't know or aren't sure, please don't pretend to know and respond with an answer that is incorrect. The pulse mode is not the hammer function at all. If I took your word for it I never would have purchased this tool. We're all better off supporting each other with accurate information. Still though, I do appreciate your intent.

      Thanks, Steve