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rigid cordless made by who?

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    I realize that the issue is confusing. However, don't just blindly trust anyone's opinion unless you would blindly trust them on other things. Just like any retailer, the knowledge and experience of the HD personnel varies both by location and shift. While you talk about the gentleman at your HD shaking his head at Ridgid tools, the tool crib attendant at my HD praises them above everything else, including Milwaukee.

    Research the specs of the products you are shopping for among all of the vendors. The internet makes this much easier now. Visit each vendor you are considering and print out the specs for the tools you are interested in. Then identify their similarities and differences. Make a list of the differences, parts of the tool you consider critical, and options you haven't tried and make a list of them.

    Go to HD, Lowe's, etc. and look at each of the items on your list among the tools you are interested in. By the time you are making the visits you should probably only have three or four options left. You normally weed out several just by reviewing the specs.

    Also visit impartial forums and solicit opinions concerning durability. This you have to factor based on your predicted use. A B&D Drill will never compete with a Milwaukee drill in a professional's opinion. However, most beginners don't want to tie that much money into a Milwaukee that may last forever. Professionals use their tools hours a day, day after day. Homeowners typically use their tools lightly except for the occasional major project. How this is factored varies from person to person. You have to decide how much durability you are willing to pay for and consider this against your list.

    Remember that forums allow for both bashing and praise, often from people who don't even own the tools. If you do your homework you should be pleased regardless of manufacturer. Very few people are 100% satisfied with their tools, you just try to match your needs to the tools as best you can.

    Sorry this post is so lenghty, but this method works for me. If you try it, I hope it works for you.


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      you wrote:
      "A B&D Drill will never compete with a Milwaukee drill in a professional's opinion. However, most beginners don't want to tie that much money into a Milwaukee that may last forever."

      In your opinion,will a Ridgid cordless drill compete with a Milwaukee?


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        I think RIDGID is trying to compete with a Milwaukee drill. Only time will tell if they are successful. Each is aimed at the same market (unlike B&D and Milwaukee) and their performance features are close. The question comes down to whether to take a chance on an un-proven product or an established product. With the lifetime warranty RIDGID is trying to address the reservations of many that it will have newbie problems. That is a good step and I think it is paying dividends for the consumer.


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          Actually,the B&D Industry & Construction line would be considered a sort of competition to Milwaukee,if B&D hasn't stopped making them(in black).

          I think that the dividend payout that you are anticipating won't be achievable for a few years down the road.

          BTW,I have previously mentioned here that I own a Ryobi cordless 12V "made in China" drill.It cost me $29.99 and came with a 12V Homelite grass shear.My other two Ryobi products are "assembled in USA" of foreign components.


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            B&D is directly competing with milwaukee,bosch,makita,portercable and now ridgid. the ridgid product will be able to hold its own with the other manu. yes there will be problem there always is with new produts and the makers of the components will fix them. i am getting past the made in china ( it sucks but everything under the sun is made there now). you all have to remember that the components are not made in china. the only thing that could be is maby the housing of the tool. so lets put this madein china behind and see how the tool performs. i am actually waiting to work on one but like i have posted before we are not a warranty center. and if th exusairways guy likes his 29.00 ryoby than piece be with him.


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              Love all these "so sure" responses----Emerson is not making the Ridgid woodworking tools-----if they were, why wouldn't they have their own motor on the 3650----instead of some no-name Asian motor????

              Please go into the archives and read the posts/press releases----yes, there are a load of wiggle words, but essentially the only reason the Ridgid name is still on these woodworking tools was due to the contract with HD.

              Yes, the company that makes Ryobi is now making Ridgid---and in some cases, the mold for some of the hand tool cases is the same is Ryobi---but obviously, of a heavier weight.

              But, what really matters, is how do they hold up/perform----I'm still waiting to see some head-to-head magazine reviews---certainly, as reported here, some of the cordless drills aren't what they're supposed to be----as to the others, it will be interesting to see how they fare.


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                That was a clearance price at depot, they couldnt hardly give those away.

                Originally posted by exUsairwaysmech:

                BTW,I have previously mentioned here that I own a Ryobi cordless 12V "made in China" drill.It cost me $29.99 and came with a 12V Homelite grass shear.My other two Ryobi products are "assembled in USA" of foreign components.


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                  you wrote,

                  "and if th exusairways guy likes his 29.00 ryoby than piece be with him. "

                  I like the Ryobi drill for my purposes which is a disposable cordless drill.If it lasts past one year of getting slightly wet from time to time, than it will go up in my rankings.

                  I also use a Boschhammer hammer drill and a Boschhammer demo hammer,a Milwaukee 5338 breaker hammer,a Makita(Dolmar)gas pwrd concrete saw,and a Metabo 22A concrete saw in the course of my work.


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                    mr man,

                    I think that HD had a 12V B&D or Skil on clearance for something like $18.00 last week.


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                      Originally posted by Caspian:
                      </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by rrmcbride:
                      </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Caspian:
                      Nope try again please </font>[/QUOTE]read again, or have someone help you with the big words. emerson DOES produce ridgid tools. they make the "wet/dry vacs, hand tools, and other products for the Home Depot" per the press release. So while it is true they don't specifically make the cordless tools, they do produce some Ridgid tools.

                      As for Ryobi and Ridgid being made by the same company, i can assure you they are made on two entirely different lines and share nothing other than the parent company.

                      Let's look at Toyota. they own Lexus. ever driven a Lexus and a Toyota? think they're the same? (not beating up Toyota, i own 2) However, i do recognize that just because one company owns different lines, they are different beasts.

                      </font>[/QUOTE]Sorry,, you are right I have a problem with reading big words like in the question we were answering "who makes the cordless tools" I got confused and thought we were talking about the new cordless tools and not The old Emerson aka CRAFTSMAN tools.

                      PS I'm retired for Ford Motor Co. And I can say that I never made the parts for the Lincoln any better than I did for the Ford..


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                        I guess that Caspian is unaware that a Lexus RX 330 is a re-bodied Highlander or that the Lexus LX 470 is a re-badged Landcruiser.

                        BTW,what is your opinion of "made in China" products?


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                          As a retired union member not happy with all the jobs going everywhere but here...As a consumer I like to get the best bang for the buck.(but have always owned USA made Fords)..and as we didn't receive any increase in our retirement pay in this last contract things are getting tighter...May have to go back to being a handyman to be able to buy more tools!!!

                          As far as the quality of the things I have purchased from China...more than happy...A lot of the Harbor Freight stuff has surprised me with the quality....Log splitter, boat trailer, spray gun, 880lbs electric wench, different measuring/hand tools. In all I would say they are equal or better than the old Craftsman/Emerson tools that I own Wood lathe, metal lathe, 4x36" routers, 4"beltsander.

                          Looking over the new Ridgid stationary wood working tools at HD I'm not to impressed. I was thinking about buying the jointer but it fell apart while I was checking the fence. Never did like the table saws compared to my Bosch 4000...I think they need to hire some one to go around and set up the displays right in the stores....

                          So far I very happy with my Rigid 18V 4 pc set...But I have more than one cordless drill as a mater of fact I have them from the first little T handle Skill and still use my Makita 9.6V and 12V volt ones...the 18V was really to get rid of having to drag the extension cord for my old all metal Craftsman 3/8" drill around the new barn, drilling all the 3/4"electric holes, with a spade bit....NOW the Rigid 18V-X2 in hammer mode sure did work great there....


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                            I guess that's the big scare hanging over retirees nowadays.I know of some furniture industry retirees here that have had there med benefits and pensions cut.

                            As soon as I pay off my business debt,we are going to sock our profits into our uni-K plan.I made over 20% profit in Gold funds in the last 7 weeks with the fall of the US Dollar.


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                              Doesn't that just mean you will have to pay 20% more to buy Rigid tools from China? With the weaker dollar?


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                                Originally posted by rrmcbride:
                                As a retired union member
                                that explains everything. carry on.

                                as for the toyota/lexus being only rebadged....nevermind. (i began to type a dissertation, but gave up. didn't want to waste 15 minutes of my life. you can do the research just as easy as i did)